Worksheet on Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on addition and subtraction of decimals. Read the questions carefully to add or subtract the decimals as required.

1. Tania bought a book for $152.75, a pen for $45.25 and a chocolate for $28.75. What amount did she spend?

2. Nancy bought biscuits for $51.25. She gave a $100 note to the shopkeeper. How much dis she get back from the shopkeeper?

3. Mary had $305.80 in her bank account. She deposited $250.25 more and then withdrew $317.50 from her account. What is the balance now in her account?

4. Mike wants to buy a Physics book costing $600. He has $475.25 only in his purse. How much more money does he need to purchase the book?

5. Ron purchased a bag for $134.60, a book for $328.23 and a tie for $80.55. How much is left with him if he had $600 in all?

6. The difference of two decimals are 68.09. The smaller one is 353.48. Find the other one.

7. The sum of three decimals are 938.629. Two of them are 456.54 and 392.69. Find the third one.

8. Rachel had $739.68. She gave $235.09 to Jessica, $345.45 to Rebecca and the remaining money to Sara. How much did she give to Sara?

9. Jaclyn weighs 27.14 kg, Mary weighs 31.37 kg and Jenny weighs 28.38 kg. What is their total weight?

10. Kate travelled 320.25 km and Maya travelled 236.38 km. Who travelled more and by what distance?

11. Jack has lost $145.50 in a market. He is now left with $95.75. How much did he have?

12. Noor had $350.50. She bought jeans for $264.50 and a shirt for $65.75. How much did she have after pay?

13. Sam bought a pair of shirts for $205.75, a pant for $225.25 and a coat for $1225.20. What was the total cost of all the three items?

14. The sum of two decimals are 138.28. One of them is $68.42. Find the other one.

15. Jenifer had $178.50 with her. She has spent $138.85. How much money does she have now?

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on addition and subtraction of decimals are given below.


1. $226.75

2. $48.75

3. $238.55

4. $124.75

5. $56.62

6. 421.57

7. 89.399

8. $ 159.14

9. 86.89 kg

10. Kate 83.87 km

11. $241.25

12. $20.50

13. $1656.50

14. 69.86

15. $39.65

4th Grade Math Activities

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