Subtraction Word Problems – 2-Digit Numbers

Understand the concept on subtraction word problems - 2-digit numbers for the second grade. Read the question carefully to subtract the two-digit numbers to find the differences and follow the steps provided.

Worked-out examples on Subtraction word problems – 2-digit numbers:

1. Rachael has 49 hens and she gives 12 hens to her sister. How many hens does she have now?

Number of hens Rachael has = 49

Number of hens she gave her sister = 12

Therefore, number of hens left with her = 49 - 12 = 37

2. 63 birds are sitting on a tree. 11 birds fly away. How many birds are on the tree now?

Number of birds sitting on a tree = 63

Number of birds flew away = 11

Therefore, number of hens left with her = 63 - 11 = 52

3. A fruit seller had 98 apples. He sold 55 apples out of it. How many apples were with him?

Number of apples a fruit seller has = 98

Number of apples he sold = 55

Therefore, number of apples left with him = 98 - 55 = 43

4. Ron gets 88 marks in test and his brother gets 76 marks. How many marks does Ron get more than his brother?

Number of marks Ron got = 88

Number of marks his brother got = 76

Therefore, number of hens left with her = 88 - 76 = 12

5. Kate bought 34 eggs and out of them 23 was rotten. How many eggs were good?

Number of eggs Kate bought = 34

Number of rotten eggs = 23

Therefore, number of good eggs = 34 - 23 = 11

6. A basket had 24 pineapples in it. 12 pineapples were taken out and eaten. How many pineapples were left in the basket?

The basket had                                    24 pineapples

Pineapples taken out and eaten     (-)    12 pineapples

Now, there are                                     12 pineapples

Thus, 12 pineapples were left in the basket.

7. Rohit's father is 31 years old. Rohit is 5 years old. Find the difference in their ages.

Father's age                                 31 years

Rohit's age                              (-)   5 years

Difference                                   26 years

So, we can say that Rohit's father is 26 years older than Rohit.

8. In a group of 446 students. 123 students went for a picnic. How many did not go for the picnic?

Total students                             446

Students went for picnic       (-)   123

Students who did not go              323

Thus, 323 students did not go to the picnic.

Worksheet on Word Problems on Subtraction:

1. A class has 58 students, out of which 27 students are boys. How many girls study in that class?

Answer: 31

2. 64 students were travelling in two school buses. There were 31 students in one bus. How many students were there in the other bus?

Answer: 33

3. Farhan took 90 sweets to school on his birthday. He distributed 65 sweets among his teachers and friends. How many sweets are left with Farhan?

Answer: 25

4. There were 43 marbles in a bag. 19 marbles fell out of the bag. How many marbles are left in the bag?

Answer: 24

5. A total of 640 runs were scored in a one-day cricket match. If 320 runs were scored before lunch, how many runs were scored after lunch?

Answer: 320

2nd Grade Math Practice

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