Subtraction Word Problems – 2-Digit Numbers

Understand the concept on subtraction word problems - 2-digit numbers for the second grade. Read the question carefully to subtract the two-digit numbers to find the differences and follow the steps provided.

Worked-out examples on Subtraction word problems – 2-digit numbers:

1. Rachael has 49 hens and she gives 12 hens to her sister. How many hens does she have now?

Number of hens Rachael has = 49

Number of hens she gave her sister = 12

Therefore, number of hens left with her = 49 - 12 = 37

2. 63 birds are sitting on a tree. 11 birds fly away. How many birds are on the tree now?

Number of birds sitting on a tree = 63

Number of birds flew away = 11

Therefore, number of hens left with her = 63 - 11 = 52

3. A fruit seller had 98 apples. He sold 55 apples out of it. How many apples were with him?

Number of apples a fruit seller has = 98

Number of apples he sold = 55

Therefore, number of apples left with him = 98 - 55 = 43

4. Ron gets 88 marks in test and his brother gets 76 marks. How many marks does Ron get more than his brother?

Number of marks Ron got = 88

Number of marks his brother got = 76

Therefore, number of hens left with her = 88 - 76 = 12

5. Kate bought 34 eggs and out of them 23 was rotten. How many eggs were good?

Number of eggs Kate bought = 34

Number of rotten eggs = 23

Therefore, number of good eggs = 34 - 23 = 11

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