Here is a solve question on puzzle.

You have to distribute 19 cows among three brothers in such a way that the eldest gets half of all the cows, middle brother gets one fourth and the youngest one fifth. But no cow should be left.


You should borrow from any one, one cow.

Now the total number of cows = 19 + 1 = 20.

Eldest brother gets 1/2 of 20 cows = 10 cows.

Middle brothers gets 1/4 of 20 cows = 5 cows.

Youngest brother gets 1/5 of 20 cows = 4 cows.

Total number of cows = 10 + 5 + 4= 19 cows.

One of the 20 cows was returned. So, no cow remained.

Try to solve this question on puzzle and find out the answer.

Distribute 17 cows among three persons in such a way that the first gets 1/2, second gets 1/3 and third gets 1/9 th.

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