Worksheet on Word Problems on Addition of Money

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on addition of money. We can try to solve the problems either using with conversion into paise or without conversion into paise.

Solve the following word problems in your notebook.

(i) Chavi bought sugar for Rs 25.00, tea packet for Rs 51.25 and a match box for Rs 2.10. Find the total money spent by Chavi.

(ii) Anushka had Rs 122.50, in her piggy bank. Ritu added Rs 105.25 more. How much money does Anushka have in her piggy bank now?

(iii) In a fair, Mayank spent Rs 38.75 in the food stall and Rs 27.35 at the lucky dip. How much money did Maynak spend in all?

(iv) Vishu spent Rs 5.00 on a chocolate, Rs 10.00 on uncle chips and Rs 12.00 on cold drink. Find the total money spent by him.

(v) Mother gave Rs 50.50 as pocket money to Vaibhav and Rs 75.00 to Neeraj. How much money did she give altogether?

(vi) Sarita deposited Rs 150.55 in her savings bank account. Her father deposited Rs 218.00 more. Find the total money Sarita has now in her bank account.

(vii) The costs of some books are given. If the cost of French book is Rs. 20.75, Russian book is Rs. 19.50 and English book is Rs. 22.70. Find the total cost of the books.

(viii) My mother bought a dress worth Rs. 353.70, a purse for Rs. 150.85 and a table cloth for Rs. 45.75. How much did she pay in all?

(ix) I bought a book for Rs. 65.60, a pen for Rs. 15.00 and a bag for Rs. 165.80. How much did I spend?

(x)  Robin has Rs. 9.00 with him, Aver has Rs. 12.50 and Sunil has Rs. 16.75. How much money do they have in all?

(xi) Angle had Rs. 32.75 with her. Her father gave her Rs. 30.75 and her mother Rs. 15.20. How much money does she have now?

(xii) The price of a cricket bat is Rs. 85.60, whereas a ball costs Rs. 15.00. Find the total cost of bat and ball.

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on addition of money are given below.


(i) Rs 78.35

(ii) Rs 227.75

(iii) Rs 66.10

(iv) Rs 27.00

(v) Rs 125.50

(vi) Rs 368.55

(vii)  Rs. 62.95

(viii) Rs. 550.30

(ix) Rs. 246.40

(x) Rs. 38.25

(xi) Rs. 78.70

(xii) Rs. 100.60

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