Worksheet on Word Problem on Measuring Mass

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problem on measuring mass (i.e. addition and subtraction). Addition and subtraction in grams and kilograms is done in the similar way as in the case of ordinary numbers.

1. Jason purchased 7 kg 200 g of sugar, 9 kg 395 g of rice. What is the total weight which Jason carried?

2. A rickshaw-puller is carrying two persons weighting 52 kg 250 g and 37 kg 700 g. What is the total weight of the two persons carried by the rickshaw-puller?

3. A truck was loaded with 352 kg 100 g of pumpkins and 207 kg 432 g of watermelons. Find the total weight carried by the truck.

4. A shopkeeper sold 67 kg 626 g of wheat on Saturday and 125 kg 200 g of wheat on Sunday. Find the total weight of wheat sold on both the days.

5. Jasmine purchased 7 kg 302 g of rice and Melissa purchased 3 kg 598 g more. What quantity of rice did Jasmine and Melissa purchase?

6. Brian sold 123 kg 231 g of newspapers and 200 kg of magazines. Find the total quantity of articles sold.

7. Aaron weight 49 kg 357 g and Ron weights 32 kg 458 g. Who weighs less and by how much?

8. Father bought 10 kg 750 g of fruits (mangoes and apples). He had 6 kg 860 g of mangoes. What is the weight of apples?

9. Nancy brought a cake weighing 5 kg 675 g. Approximately 2 kg 395 g of cake is distributed among the children. What quantity of cake is left?

10. Mother purchased 9 kg 357 g of sweets and snacks for the occasion. Out of which 6 kg 458 g were consumed. What quantity of sweets and snacks were left?

11. A shopkeeper purchased 287 kg 500 g of orange. Later on, he found that 98 kg 300 g of oranges were rotten. Find the quantity of oranges in good condition.

12. Mary weighs 63 kg 59 g and Alex weighs 59 kg 36 g. Who weighs less and by how much?

13. How much heavier is the toffee packet which has mass 1 kg 845 g in comparison to 500 g of chocolates?

Answers for the worksheet on word problem on measuring mass (i.e. addition and subtraction) are given below.


1. 16 kg 595 g

2. 89 kg 950 g

3. 559 kg 532 g

4. 192 kg 826 g

5. 10 kg 900 g

6. 323 kg 231 g

7. Ron weighs less by 16 kg 899 g

8. 3 kg 890 g

9. 3 kg 280 g

10. 2 kg 899 g

11. 189 kg 200 g

12. Alex weighs less by 4 kg 23 g

13. 1 kg 345 g


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