Worksheet on Subtraction of Mass

Practice the third grade math worksheet on subtraction of mass or weight. This sheet provides different types of questions where you need to arrange the values of mass under different columns to find their difference; subtracting mass or weight after converting; subtracting mass without conversion and word problems on subtraction of mass.

1. Find the difference after converting into grams:

(i) 450 g from 5 kg

(ii)  7 kg 200 g from 15 kg  5 kg 730 g from 8 kg 840 g

(iii) 5 kg 730 g from 8 kg 840 g

(iv)  19 kg 250 g from 20 kg

(v) 22 kg 275 g from 50 kg 185 g

(vi) 37 kg 400 g from 40 kg 275 g

2. Subtract the following without conversion:

(i) 27 kg 260 g – 17 kg 150 g

(ii) 38 kg 000 g – 36 kg 360 g

(iii) 9 kg 135 g – 4 kg 684 g

(iv) 88 kg 356 g – 39 kg 769 g

(v) 98 kg 003 g – 5 kg 368 g

(vi) 69 kg 056 g – 35 kg 936 g

(vii) 12 kg 500 g – 9 kg 700 g

(viii) 28 kg 235 g – 9 kg 468 g

3. A shopkeeper had 50 kg of sugar in stock. He sold 28 kg 500 g of it one day. How much sugar was left in his stock after selling it?

4. Shelly bought 2 kg 500 g of potato on Sunday, 1 kg 250 g of which was used. How much potato remained unused?

5. Sara and Mary are friends. Sara’s weight is 36 kg 365 g and Mary’s weight is 34 kg 500 g. who weights more and by how much?

6. Shelly goes to the grocery store to buy a rice packet. The weight of the rice packet is 5 kg 500 grams. What is the weight of the rice packet in grams?

7. Sam’s school bag has a weighs of 9 kg 250 g. How many grams are in 9 kg 250 grams?

8. In a potato chips factory, 123 kg 450 grams potatoes were used to make chips in the 1st week, 45 kg 345 g potatoes were used in the 2nd week and 58 kg 823 g in the 3rd week. How many potatoes were used in all the three weeks?

9. Sharon’s weight was 96 kg 765 g. After regular exercise she lost weight and become 68 kg 800 g now. How much weight did she loose?

10. A bucket full of water weighs 16 kg 380 g. The weight of the empty bucket is 1 kg 670 g. What is the weight of water in the bucket?

11. A fruit seller has 60 kg of fruits. He sold 12 kg 239 g to one customer and 15 kg 500 g to another customer. Find the weight of fruits left with the fruit seller?

Answers for the worksheet on subtraction of mass are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions to find the difference arranging the values of mass.


1. (i) 4 kg 550 g  

(ii) 7 kg 800 g

(iii) 3 kg 110 g

(iv)  750 g

(v) 27 kg 910 g 

(vi) 2 kg 875 g

2. (i) 10 kg 110 g

(ii) 1 kg 640 g

(iii) 4 kg 487 g

(iv) 48 kg 587 gm

 (v) 92 kg 635 g

(vi) 33 kg 120 g

(vii) 2 kg 800 g

(viii) 18 kg 767 g

Worksheet on Subtraction of Mass

3. 21 kg 500 g

4. 1 kg 250 g

5. Sara by 1 kg 865 g

6. 5500 g

7. 9250 g

8. 227 kg 618 g

9. 27 kg 965 g

10. 14 kg 710 g

11. 32 kg 261 g

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