Worksheet on Subtraction Word Problems

The activity provided in the third grade math worksheet on subtraction word problems is very important for the kids. Students need to read the questions carefully and then translate the information to solve the subtraction problem and find the answers of each word problems. The sheet provides large collection of word problems using subtraction for the kids to practice and test their knowledge.

1. There are 45 houses in a street. 21 houses have been painted white. How many houses have not been painted?

2. A basket hold 55 oranges. The shopkeeper has 65 oranges. How many oranges can not be put in the basket?

3. Out of 8797 children of town, 6989 go to school. How many children do not go to school?

4. Ron has 1846 marbles in his collection; he gave 547 marbles to his sister. How many marbles are left with him then?

5. I had $5000 with me. Out of it $3585 was spent. Now how much money do I have?

6. Shelly bought a bed sheet for $1699. She gave the shopkeeper $2000. What amount will be returned by the shopkeeper?

7. There were 473 students in class V of a school. Out of them 461 passed and were promoted to the next class. How many students did not get promoted?

8. Shelly went to buy 568 cookies. She got only 233 cookies in the bakery. How many more cookies she has to buy?

9. Mike has to learn 353 words meaning. He finished learning 120 words. How many more words he has to learn?

10. There were 746 books in the library. Out of which 242 books are lost. How many books are left in the library?

11. Adriana has 346 apples in the garden. She gave a few apples to her friend. 135 apples were left with her. How many apples did she give to her friend?

12. Jane took 356 minutes to complete homework in English and Mathematics. She took 204 minutes to complete English. How much time she took to complete Mathematics?

13. There are 4500 books in a library. They are either written in English or French. If 2894 books are in English Language, then how many books are in French language?

14. Mike had $4876 in his savings bank account. He withdrew $1873. How much money does he have now in his savings bank account?

15. Tom has $7800 in his bank. He withdrew $2340 on Monday and $2670 on Tuesday. What amount is still left in his bank account?

16. By how much is 3756 less than 5433?

17. During a Vaccination program in the village, out of 13567 children 13026 were vaccinated. How many children are still to be vaccinated?

18. By how much is 4897 less than 6123?

19. Derek needs to cover a distance of 1456 km to reach his home town and if he covers 1152 km by train and rest by bus. How much distance does he cover by bus?

20. By how much is 698 less than 553?

21. Nathalie has to write an essay of 6500 words in 3 hours. If she is able to write 4895 words in 2 hours, how many words does she needs to write more in 1 hour to complete her essay?

22. By how much is 3162 less than 2526?

23. 948 children participated in the fest, out of which 573 were boys. How many girls participated in the fest?

24. 790 students appeared for the Olympiad examination. 248 students took Math Olympiad exam and rest took science Olympiad exam. How many students took Science Olympiad?

25. Sandy scored 785 points in a game on Saturday. He lost 213 points on Sunday. How many points were left with him?

26. Brad could solve 483 questions out of 500. How many questions were left unsolved?

27. Rosy made 452 dark chocolates and 183 vanilla chocolates. Which flavor is less and how many more chocolates are required to make both chocolates equal?

28. There are 1348 girls in a school. If the total number of students in the school is 2900, then what is the number of boys in the school?

29. Sara earns $6955 monthly as her salary. She saves $1565 monthly. What is her monthly expenditure?

30. Jerry wants to complete reading 1762 pages of a book in 5 days. If she is able to read 1143 pages in 3 days, then how many pages are still left to be read?

31. The cost of a television is $ 7069 and that of a cycle is $2359. By how much does the television cost more than the cycle?

32. Vanilla wants to buy a trouser for $975 and a shirt for $1699. If she has $2000, will she be able to buy both the shirt and trouser? If not, how much more amount does she need?

33. A cement merchant had 8436 bags of cement in his godown. He sold 3565 bags of cement. Now how many bags are left in the godown?

34. By how much is smallest 5-digit number greater than largest 4-digit number.

35. A grain merchant had 9736 kilograms of wheat in his stock. He sold 6859 kilograms of wheat. How much wheat has he in his stock now?

36. My father wants to buy a washing machine that costs $8580. But he has only $7560. How much more money does he need?

37. Sam made a journey of 8473 km. Out of this, he covered 4253 km by train and the rest by car. How many km did he cover by car?

38. The difference between two numbers is 1307. If the larger number is 9577, find the smaller one.

Answers for worksheet on subtraction word problems are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions using subtraction.


1. 24 houses

2. 10 oranges

3. 1808 children

4. 1299

5. $1415

6. $301

7. 12 students

8. 335

9. 233

10. 504

11. 211

12. 102 minutes

13. 1606

14. $3003

15. $2790

16. 1677

17. 541

18. 1226

19. 304 km

20. 145

21. 1605

22. 636

23. 375

24. 542

25. 572

26. 17

27. Vanilla; 269

28. 1552 boys

29. $5390

30. 619

31. $4710

32. $674 more needed

33. 4871 bags

Worksheet on Subtraction Word Problems

34. 1

35. 2877 kg

36. $1020

37. 4220 km.

38. 8270

3rd Grade Math Worksheets

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