Worksheet on Inverse Variation Using Unitary Method

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on inverse variation using unitary method.

We know, in inverse variation if one increases, the other decreases and if one decreases, the other increases.

In inverse variation: \(\frac{a_{1}}{a_{2}} = \frac{b_{2}}{b_{1}}\)
                         or, \(a_{1}\times b_{1} = a_{2}\times b_{2}\).

For example of inverse variation:

● More labours at work, less time taken to complete the work.

Less labours at work, more time taken to complete the work.

Read the questions carefully to solve different types of problems based on inverse variation using unitary method. Click here to know or learn more about these problems.

1. 20 workers working for 8 hours a day build the wall in 15 days. How many hours a day will 12 workers take to complete the work in 10 days?

2. Lara reads 21 pages of a book every day and finishes the book in 30 days. If he reads 18 pages in a day, in how many days will he finish reading the book?

3. 6 pipes are required to fill the tank in 64 minutes. How many pipes are required to fill the tank in 96 minutes?

4. If 17 men can complete the work in 42 hours. How many men will be required to do the same work in 34 hours?

5. A school has 8 periods in a day such that each period is of 35 minutes. If the number of periods is reduced to 7, then how long would each period be?

6. 500 soldiers in a fort had enough food for 30 days but 125 soldiers were transferred to another fort. For how many days did the food last then?

7. 5 pumps working together can empty the tank in 36 minutes. How long will it take to empty the tank if 9 such pumps are working together?

Answers for the worksheet on inverse variation using unitary method are given below to check the exact answers of the above problems.


1. 20 hours

2. 35 days

3. 4 pipes

4. 21 men

5. 40 minutes

6. 40 days

7. 20 minutes

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