Worksheet on Word Problems on Unitary Method

Worksheet on word problems on unitary method provides mixed questions on direct variation and indirect variation.

1. 12 farmers harvest the crops in the field in 20 hours. How many workers will be required to do the same work in 15 hours?

2. 2 men or 3 women can earn $192 in a day. Find how much 5 men and 7 women will earn in a day?

3. The weight of 56 books is 8 kg. What is the weight of 152 such books? How many such books weigh 5 kg?

4. John types 450 words in half an hour. How words would he type in 7 minutes?

5. A worker is paid Rs.750 for 6 days’ work. If he works for 23 days, how much will he get?

6. A water tank can be filled in 7 hours by 5 equal sized pumps working together. How much time will 7 pumps take to fill it up?

7. 15 masons can build the wall in 20 days. How many masons will build the wall in 12 days?

8. 76 persons can complete the job in 42 days. In how many days will 56 persons do the same job?

9. In a camp, there are provisions for 400 persons for 23 days. If 60 more persons join the camp, find the number of days the provision will last?

10. If 10 workers, working for 4 hours complete the work in 12 days, in how many days will 8 workers working for 6 hours complete the same work?

11. The freight for 75 quintals of goods is Rs. 375. Find the freight for 42 quintals.

12. A car travels 228 km in 3 hours.

(a) How long will it take to travel 912 km?

(b) How far will it travel in 7 hours?

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on unitary method of direct variation and inverse variation are given below to check the exact answers of the above problems.


1. 16 farmers

2. $928

3. 21  5/7 kg, 35 books

4. 105 words

5. $2875

6. 5 hours

7. 25

8. 57 days

9. 20 days

10. 10 days

11. $210

12. (a) 12 hours

      (b) 532 km

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