Worksheet on Area of Regular Figures

We will practice the questions given in the worksheet on area of regular figures.

We know the formula for finding the area of regular figures.

Area of a square = side × side

Area of the rectangle = length × breadth

1. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The area of a square whose side is 1 cm is __________.

(ii) A square is considered as the best unit of __________.

(iii) The measure of a region is called the __________.

(iv) The amount of surface enclosed by a closed plane figure is called its __________.

2. Find the area of the following figures:

Find the Area

3. The side of a square field is 125 m. Find its area and also find the cost of laying grass in it at $ 0.30 per square metre. Find the area of the figures:

4. Find the area of the following figures:

5. Find the area of the regular figures:

Area of the Regular Figures:

Answers for the worksheet on area of regular figures are given below.


1. (i) 1 cm\(^{2}\)

(ii) area

(iii) area

(iv) area

2. (i) 9 cm\(^{2}\)

(ii) 650 cm\(^{2}\)

(iii) 10 cm\(^{2}\)

3. $ 4687.50

4. (i) 24 cm2

(ii) 48 cm2

(iii) 67.5 m2

5. (i) 81.25 m\(^{2}\)

(ii) 27.1 m\(^{2}\)

(iii) 220.5 m\(^{2}\)


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