Estimate or rounding off is an important aspect in everyday life. We must have a rough idea of the time it would take to prepare food, go to school, go for shopping etc.

We must also be able to tell in advance the rough expenses for a birthday party, picnic, function and so on. it will be possible to derive the maximum benefit from our 24 hours in a day only be estimation. We should know how to adjust our activities in an approximate manner in order to develop such a skill, we should start with forming rough estimates of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Different levels of approximation are required for various occasions.

For example:

Imagine a big party at your home. If you ask your father about the number of guests who will attend the party, it will be very difficult for him to tell you the exact number of guests. He may give you a rough estimate. If he has sent invitations for 282 persons, then he may say that around 300 persons will attend the party.

Thus, there are many situations where it is sufficient to tell the estimated figure instead of telling the exact one. So, we must know how to estimate or round off a number.


Estimate to Nearest Tens

Estimate to Nearest Hundreds

Estimate to Nearest Thousands

Estimating Sum and Difference

Estimating Product and Quotient

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