Worksheet on Word Problem on Measuring Capacity

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problem on measuring capacity (i.e. addition and subtraction). Addition and subtraction of word problems in liters and milliliters is done in the similar way as in the case of ordinary numbers.

Solve the following word problems on addition and subtraction:

1. A milkman sold 46 l 200 ml of milk on 3 days of a week and 53 l 195 ml of milk in next 2 days. What quantity of milk did he sell in 5 days?

2. Sara bought 500 ml of mustard oil, 250 ml of coconut oil and 2 l of refined oil. What is the total quantity of the 3 oils together?

3. Alex consumed 15 l of water in 2 days and 27 litres of water in the rest of the days of the week. How much water was consumed in a week by him?

4. Mary purchased 500 ml bottle of Pepsi, 300 ml can of Frooti and 2 litres of Limca. What quantity of cold drinks did Mary purchases altogether?

5. Harry had 3 buckets of different capacity which could hold 9 l 257 ml, 12 l 420 ml and 30 l 100 ml of water. How much water could be stored in all?

6. There is 478 liters and 360 milliliters of water in the tank. 239 liters and 125 milliliters of water is consumed. How much water is left in the tank?

7. The capacity of the milk boiler is 2 l 500 ml of milk. If 1 l 200 ml of milk is put into the vessel then how much more quantity of milk can be filled in the vessel?

8. An oil can holds 5 l of oil. How much oil is left in the can if 2 l 750 ml of oil is used?

9. 35 l 450 ml of petrol was filled in the car and 29 l 561 ml of petrol was used in a month. How much petrol is left in the car?

10. In 1 ½ liter of cold drink bottle only 320 ml of cold drink is left. How much cold drink is consumed?

11. The consumption of diesel in a truck. A on one day is 102 l 208 ml and the consumption of truck B is 105 l 196 ml. Whose consumption is less and by how much?

12. Clara made 20 l 500 ml of lime squash on Saturday and 18 l 255 ml of lime squash on Sunday. On which day lime squash was prepared in more quantity and by how much?

Answers for the worksheet on word problem on measuring capacity (i.e. addition and subtraction in liters and milliliters) are given below.


1. 99 l 395 ml

2. 2 l 750 ml

3. 42 l

4. 2 l 800 ml

5. 51 l 777 ml

6. 239 l 235 ml

7. 1 l 300 ml

8. 2 l 250 ml

9. 5 l 889 ml

10. 1 l 180 ml

11. Truck A by 2 l 988 ml

12. Saturday by 2 l 245 ml

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