Worksheet on Word Problem on Measuring Capacity

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problem on measuring capacity (i.e. addition and subtraction). Addition and subtraction of word problems in liters and milliliters is done in the similar way as in the case of ordinary numbers.

Solve the following word problems on addition and subtraction of Capacity:

1. A milkman sold 46 l 200 ml of milk on 3 days of a week and 53 l 195 ml of milk in next 2 days. What quantity of milk did he sell in 5 days?

2. Gary the milkman sells 35 l 800 ml of milk in the morning and 24 l 500 ml of milk in the evening. How much milk is he able to sell in a day?

3. Sara bought 500 ml of mustard oil, 250 ml of coconut oil and 2 l of refined oil. What is the total quantity of the 3 oils together?

4. Ruby bought a 5 l Sunflower oil can from the market on Tuesday. By Friday only 2 l 440 ml of oil was left in it. How much quantity of oil was consumed in 3 days?

5. Alex consumed 15 l of water in 2 days and 27 litres of water in the rest of the days of the week. How much water was consumed in a week by him?

6. Gary the milkman delivers 1 l 250 ml of milk everyday at Mr. Jones house. What quantity of milk is delivered by the milkman to Mr. Jones house in a week?

7. Mary purchased 500 ml bottle of Pepsi, 300 ml can of Frooti and 2 litres of Limca. What quantity of cold drinks did Mary purchases altogether?

8. Shelly has 2 l of oil. She wants to pour it equally into 250 ml bottles. How many bottles is she able to fill with the oil?

9. Harry had 3 buckets of different capacity which could hold 9 l 257 ml, 12 l 420 ml and 30 l 100 ml of water. How much water could be stored in all?

10. Petrol costs $ 75 per liter. Tina gets her car tank filled with 46 liters of petrol. How much amount does she pays at the petrol pump.

11. There is 478 liters and 360 milliliters of water in the tank. 239 liters and 125 milliliters of water is consumed. How much water is left in the tank?

12. A swimming pool with a capacity of 200000 l. If there is 115730 l of water in the pool, how much more water can be put in the pool?

13. The capacity of the milk boiler is 2 l 500 ml of milk. If 1 l 200 ml of milk is put into the vessel then how much more quantity of milk can be filled in the vessel?

14. A cow gives 22 l 350 ml of milk each day. If the milk man has 20 cows then:

(i) How much milk will he get in a day?

(ii) If all the milk is filled in the bottles of capacity 500 ml, how many bottles will be required?

15. An oil can holds 5 l of oil. How much oil is left in the can if 2 l 750 ml of oil is used?

16. Neil has 2 cars, one with a capacity of 33 l 770 ml and other with a capacity of 42 l 550 ml. If petrol tanks of both the cars are empty, how much petrol can he fill in the tanks?

17. 35 l 450 ml of petrol was filled in the car and 29 l 561 ml of petrol was used in a month. How much petrol is left in the car?

18. Adrian has 44 l of liquid soap and wants to fill it in 25 Cans of capacity 550 ml each.

(i) Will he be able to fill all the Cans completely?

(ii) How much quantity of liquid soap will be left out?

19. In 1 ½ liter of cold drink bottle only 320 ml of cold drink is left. How much cold drink is consumed?

20. A water purifier cleans 100 l 150 ml of water each day. How much water will be cleaned by the cleaner in a week?

21. The consumption of diesel in a truck. A on one day is 102 l 208 ml and the consumption of truck B is 105 l 196 ml. Whose consumption is less and by how much?

22. Clara made 20 l 500 ml of lime squash on Saturday and 18 l 255 ml of lime squash on Sunday. On which day lime squash was prepared in more quantity and by how much?

23. Jug A is filled with 45 l 670 ml of orange juice and Jug B is filled with 67 l 890 ml of apple juice. Calculate the total litres of juice filled in both the jugs.

24. Sam filled 34 l 487 ml petrol in a truck, 23 l 790 ml in a car and 19 l 560 ml in another car. How much petrol he filled in all the three vehicles?

25. An oil tank has 162 l 345 ml oil. 78l 589 ml oil is removed from the tank. How much oil is left in the tank now?

26. There are two water tanks on a terrace of a building. Tank A has the capacity to hold 57 l 900 ml and tank B can hold 63 l 500 ml.

(i)Which tank can hold more and how much more it can hold?

(ii) What is the total capacity of both the tanks?


27. Factory A produces 146 l of juices and factory B produces 234l 467 ml of juices. Calculate the total litres of juices produced in both the factories?


Answers for the worksheet on word problem on measuring capacity (i.e. addition and subtraction in liters and milliliters) are given below.


1. 99 l 395 ml

2. 60 l 300 ml

3. 2 l 750 ml

4. 2 l 560 ml

5. 42 l

6. 8 l 750 ml

7. 2 l 800 ml

8. 8

9. 51 l 777 ml

10. $ 3450

11. 239 l 235 ml

12. 84270 l

13. 1 l 300 ml

14. (i) 447 l

(ii) 894

15. 2 l 250 ml

16. 76 l 320 ml

17. 5 l 889 ml

18. (i) Yes

(ii) 30 l 250 ml

19. 1 l 180 ml

20. 701 l 50 ml

21. Truck A by 2 l 988 ml

22. Saturday by 2 l 245 ml

23. 113 ℓ 560 mℓ

24. 77 ℓ 837 mℓ

25. 83 ℓ 756 mℓ

Worksheet on Word Problem on Measuring Capacity

26. (i) Tank B, 5 ℓ 600 mℓ

(ii) 121 ℓ 400 mℓ

27. 380 ℓ 467 mℓ

Standard Unit of Capacity

Conversion of Standard Unit of Capacity

Addition of Capacity

Subtraction of Capacity

Addition and Subtraction of Measuring Capacity

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