Addition and Subtraction of Measuring Capacity

We will discuss about addition and subtraction of measuring capacity. The standard unit of measuring capacity is liter and the smaller unit is milliliter. The short way is to write liter as l and milliliter as ml. The liquid medicines are measured in ml. There are many types of vessels having capacity of 1 liter, 500 milliliter, 250 milliliter, etc,.

Containers or vessels meant to store different things like milk, sauce, mustard oil, etc., have different capacities. Therefore, the quantity of liquid a vessel can hold is its capacity.

Relationship between liter (l) and milliliter (ml):

We know one of the 1000 parts of a liter (l) is called a milliliter (ml).

So, 1 liter = 1000 milliliter

or, 1 l = 1000 ml

and, 1000 ml = 1 l

Addition and subtraction of measuring capacity in liters and milliliters:

1. (i) Add 525 ml and 275 ml


                                   525 ml

                                + 275 ml

                                   800 ml

(ii) Subtract 275 from 685 ml


                                    685 ml

                                 - 275 ml

                                   410 ml

2. A can holds 15 l and 500 ml of milk. Out of it 8 l and 350 ml milk is consumed. How much milk is left in the can now?


Quantity of milk in the can = 15 l 500 ml 

Quantity of milk consumed = 8 l 350 ml                             

Quantity of milk left        = 15 l 500 ml - 8 l 350 ml

Thus,                              15 l 500 ml                      500 ml – 350 ml = 150 ml

                                -     8 l 350 ml                       15 l – 8 l = 7 l

                                      7 l 150 ml

Therefore, quantity of milk left = 7 l 150 ml

3. How much milk should be added to 12 l of milk to make it 16 l milk?


Total milk should be                        =             16 l

Milk at present                                =       -     12 l

Therefore, milk required                  =               4 l

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