Worksheet on Profit and Loss

In worksheet on profit and loss, we can see below there are 15 different types of questions which we can practice in our homework.

1. Find the profit or loss:

Worksheet on Profit and Loss

2. Fill in the blanks:

Word  Problem on Profit and Loss

From question 3 onwards we can see word problems on profit and loss.

Word Problems on Profit and Loss.

3. A TV was bought for $ 18,950 and old at a loss of $ 4780. Find the selling price.

4. A second hand car was sold for $ 190000, at a loss of $ 85. Find the CP of the car.

5. Jane sold her genset for $ 20000 at a profit of $ 1737. Find the CP of genset.

6. Abraham bought a music system for $ 6375.00 and spent $ 75.00 on its transportation He sold it for $ 6400.00. Find his profit or loss percent.

7. Joy bought pens at $ 120 a dozen. He sold it for $ 15 each. What is his profit percent?

8. Simi bought a study table for $ 9000. She sold it at a profit of 20%. How much profit did she make? What is the selling price?

9. Find the selling price if the cost price is $ 1200 and loss percent is 25.

10. Marshall bought 20 refills and sold them at $ 4 each. If it had cost $ 50 for the refills, what was his profit or loss percent?

11. Mr. Smith buys pencils at $ 250 per hundred and sells each at $ 1.75. Find his loss or profit.

12. Davis bought a second hand cycle for $ 500. He spent $ 80 in repairs and $ 175 in repainting. He then sold it to John for $ 900. How much did he gain or lose?

13. A fruit vendor bought 600 apples for $ 4800. He spent $ 400 on transportation. How much should he sell each to get a profit of $ 1000?

14. Tim bought a box of chocolates for $ 650 and sold it to Tom at a profit of $ 75. Find the selling price.

15. David bought 2 dozen eggs for $ 56. Since 6 of them broke, he incurred a loss of $ 20 on selling them. What was the selling price of one egg?

Profit and Loss.

Formulas of Profit and Loss.

To find Cost Price or Selling Price when Profit or Loss is given.

Worksheet on Profit and Loss.

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