Worksheet on Place Values

In worksheet on Place values of the numbers, four grade students can practice the questions on place values. This sheet can be practiced by students to get more ideas on place values of the numbers in writing the number in numerals and in words.

1. Write the following numbers given in numerals:

(i) Forty five million sixty four thousand eight hundred seventy four

(ii) Six million eight thousand one hundred one

(iii) Thirty million nine thousand nineteen

(iv) Three hundred seventy two million three hundred twenty two thousand four hundred eighty five

(v) Five hundred million eleven thousand two hundred seven

2. Write the following numerals in words:

(i) 40,709

(ii) 106,840

(iii) 710,009

(iv) 6,419

(v) 4,826,000

(vi) 142,577,164

3. Arrange the following numbers by using commas:

(i) 56010

(ii) 108450

(iii) 3627148

(iv) 55555555

(v) 239456000

4. Fill in the blanks:

(i) 100,000 = ………… thousand

(ii) 1,000,000 = ………… million

(iii) 10,000 = ………… thousand

(iv) 10,000,000 = ………… million

(v) 1,000 = ………… thousand

5. Write the largest and the smallest eight digit numbers in numerals.

6. The population of a city is 2532760. Write the number in words.

If students have any queries regarding the Worksheet on expanded form of a number questions please fill-up the below comment box so that we can help you. However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

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Worksheet on Place Values.

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