Worksheet on Calculating Distance and Time

We will practice different types of questions given in the worksheet on calculating distance and time.

We know, the formula to calculate distance is speed × time and the formula to calculate time is distance/speed.

1. A car travelling at a speed of 60 km/hr reaches its destination in ¼ hour. How much distance did it travel?

2. A boy runs at a speed of 8 metres per second. How long does he take to cover a distance of 1 km?

3. A boat is rowed at a speed of 5 km/hour. How much time will it take to row a distance of 40 km?

4. The average speed of an Express train between New Delhi and Kota is 95 km per hour. The train take 5 hours to travel from New Delhi to Kota. Find the distance between New Delhi and Kota.

5. An aeroplane takes 3 hours to travel a distance of 3300 km. Another aeroplane travels at a speed which is 100 km per hour less than first aeroplane. How long will it take to travel the same distance by the second aeroplane?

6. Find the distance between two stations if a train travelling non-stop at 75 km/hour covers the distance between the stations in 20 minutes.

7. Two sprinters run the same race of 100 metres. One runs at a speed of 10 meters per second and the other runs at 8 meters per second. By what time will the first sprinter beat the other sprinter?

8. Aaron cycles from one place to another place at a speed of 7 km per hour. He cycles from 1015 hours to 1445 hours. Find the distance between these two places.

9. Victoria runs at 9 m per second. How much distance does she run in 2 minutes 30 second?

10. Ryan runs at 10 m per second. He runs for 5 minutes 10 seconds. What is the distance covered by him.

11. A man cycles at the speed of 20 metre per second. What is the distance covered by the man in 3 ½ minutes?

12. A man drives at the speed of 25 metre per second. What is the distance covered in 1 hour?

13. A man covers 3 km in 15 seconds. What is the speed?

Answers for the worksheet on calculating distance and time are given below.


1. 15 km

2. 2 1/12 minutes

3. 8 hours

4. 475 km

5. 3 hours 18 minutes

6. 25 km

7. 2.5 seconds

8. 31 ½ km

9. 1350

10. 3100 m

11. 4.2 km

12. 90 km

13. 200 m/sec

Speed Distance and Time.

Relation of Speed Distance and Time

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To find Speed when Distance and Time are given.

To find the Distance when Speed and Time are given.

To find Time when Distance and Speed are given.

Worksheet on Expressing Speed in Different Units

Worksheet on Speed, Distance and Time.

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5th Grade Math Problems

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