Worksheet on Expressing Speed in Different Units

We will practice the questions given in the worksheet on expressing speed in different units. We know speed is equal to distance/time.

1. Find the speed in the following cases:

(i) Distance = 90 km, Time = 2 hours

(ii) Distance = 36000 m, Time = 24 seconds

(iii) Distance = 750 km, Time = 15 hours.

2. A student has to reach his school in 15 minutes. If the school is 800 metres way, at what speed should he walk?

3. A fox ran 1000 m in 5 minutes. Find its speed.

4. Sam and Tony went to Derek’s house in their cars. Sam covered a distance of 11 km in 10 minutes. Tony covered a distance of 24 km in 20 minutes. Who drove faster?

5. Express each of the following speeds in metres per second:

(i) 36 km per hour

(ii) 72 km per hour

6. Express each of the following speeds in km per hour:

(i) 900 m per minute

(ii) 45 m per second

7. A man can cover 17 ½ km in 5 hours. Find his speed in

(i) m/min

(ii) m/sec

8. If the distance covered by a train is 360 km in 4 hours, find its speed.

Answers for the worksheet on expressing speed in different units are given below.


1. (i) 45 km/hr

(ii) 150 m/sec

(iii) 50 km/hr

2. 53 1/3 m/min

3. 200 m/minute

4. Tony

5. (i) 10 m/sec

(ii) 20 m/sec

6. (i) 54 km/hr

(ii) 162 km/hr

7. (i) 58 1/3 m/min

(ii) 35/36 m/sec

8. 90 km/hrs

Speed Distance and Time.

Express Speed in Different Units

To find Speed when Distance and Time are given.

To find the Distance when Speed and Time are given.

To find Time when Distance and Speed are given.

Worksheet on Speed, Distance and Time.

5th Grade Numbers

5th Grade Math Problems

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