Word Problems on Subtraction

In word problems on subtraction we need to read the question carefully and understand what we need to find out.

We know, in subtraction the larger number from which we subtract the other number (the smaller number) is called minuend, the number (the smaller number) which is subtracted is called subtrahend and the result of subtraction is called the difference.

So, we need to write the statement and then find the difference between two numbers, i.e. subtract the smaller number from the bigger number.

1. A factory produced 12,399 scooters in 2012. In 2013, it produced 21,459 scooters. By how much did the production of the factory increase?


Production in 2013 = 21,459

Production in 2012 = 12,399

Increase in production = 21,459 - 12,399

                                 = 9,060

Subtraction Problem

Hence, the production increased by 9,060

2. What must be added to 2,904 to get 6,498?


The sum of two numbers = 6,498

One number = 2,904

The other number 6,498 - 2,904 = 3,594

Hence, the required number = 3,594

Subtraction Word Problem

Worksheet on Word problems on Subtraction:

1. The population of a town is 9,123. If the number of males is 3,572, find the number of females in the town.

2. In an examination, 8,380 candidates appeared. Out of these, 4,090 candidates failed. How many candidates passed?

3. A factory produced 8,540 bulbs in the year 2014. Out of them 3,479 bulbs were found defective. How many bulbs were found good?

4. By how much is 21,998 greater than 36,994.

5. What must be added to 4,488 to get 6,409?

6. What must be added to 2,680 to get 7,498?

7. The sum of two numbers is 14,892. If one of them is 7,892, find the other

8. The difference between two numbers is 6,452. If the greater number is 9,294 find the smaller number.

9. A factory produced 13,285 TV sets in April and 20,302 TV sets in May. Find the increase in the number of TV sets.

10. 43,742 persons came to see a football match on Sunday. 27,936 persons came on Monday. How many more persons visited on Sunday? Write the number sentence.

11. Deepika bought a motorcycle for ₹40,000 and a scooter for 28560, How much did she pay more for the motorcycle?

15. The population of a town is 82,010. If 43,413 are men, 25,929 are women and the remaining are children, find the number of children.


1. 5551

2. 4290

3. 5061

4. 14996

5. 1921

6. 4818

7. 7000

8. 2842

9. 7017

10. 15806

11. 11440

15. 12668

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