Uses of Roman Numerals

What are the uses of Roman numerals?

Roman numerals are used for ranking as I, II, III, etc., in writing classroom numbers or expressing the school classes as VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, etc. Often they are used for writing the numbers on clock dials.

Children use Roman numerals for recreational purposes. If we write the numbers like IV, VI, IX and XI and place it before a plane mirror, we see the images as VI, IV, XI and IX. Children find that rather interesting.

Children take keen interest in forming the Roman numerals with match sticks.

They learn by play method the uses of Roman numerals as shown:

Roman Numerals

Different numerals can be made by match sticks

Numerals made by two match sticks

Numerals made by three match sticks

Numerals made by four match sticks

Numerals made by five match sticks

On the basis of the above uses of roman numerals facts an educational play may be formed.

The following types of questions may be asked:

How many match sticks are needed to form:

(i) the number XXXII

(ii) the numbers from I to XXXIX, etc.

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Uses of Roman Numerals

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