Points and Line Segment

We will discuss here about points and line segment.

Two Lines Meet

We know when two lines meet we get a point.

When two points on a plane surface are joined, a straight line segment is obtained.

But if two points in a curved surface is joined, a curved line segment is drawn.

Straight Line Segment

When a line segment is extended towards both sides unlimitedly it becomes a line. 

We make arrows on both end sides of a line segment to represent a line. 

Represent a Line

Now we may say that a part of the line is known as the line segment. If there is a line l, then AB is a line segment. 

The Line Segment

A line segment is named by using the names of its endpoints. Then line segment drawn on the side is called line segment AB or line segment BA.

Line Segment AB

A line does not have any fixed length it has infinite length. But a line segment has a fixed length. We may imagine a line as it has unlimited length but a line segment is drawn on a plane paper.

The core of a cuboid or cube is an example of a line segment. 

There are many line segments in the following figures:

Many Line Segments

Note: Line segments may be joined to form geometric figures.

What is one dimensional figure?

A line or a line segment is called one dimensional (1-D) figure.

Types of lines

There are two types of lines.

(i) Straight line              

(ii) Curved line

Straight line: If a line shows only one direction, then it is a straight line. It may be vertical, horizontal or slant.

Vertical Horizontal or Slant

Curved line:

It changes its direction.

Curved Line

Points, lines and line segment are the fundamental concepts in geometry.

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