Points and Line Segment

We will discuss here about points and line segment.

Two Lines Meet

We know when two lines meet we get a point.

When two points on a plane surface are joined, a straight line segment is obtained.

But if two points in a curved surface is joined, a curved line segment is drawn.

Straight Line Segment

When a line segment is extended towards both sides unlimitedly it becomes a line. 

We make arrows on both end sides of a line segment to represent a line. 

Represent a Line

Now we may say that a part of the line is known as the line segment. If there is a line l, then AB is a line segment. 

The Line Segment

A line segment is named by using the names of its endpoints. Then line segment drawn on the side is called line segment AB or line segment BA.

Line Segment AB

A line does not have any fixed length it has infinite length. But a line segment has a fixed length. We may imagine a line as it has unlimited length but a line segment is drawn on a plane paper.

The core of a cuboid or cube is an example of a line segment. 

There are many line segments in the following figures:

Many Line Segments

Note: Line segments may be joined to form geometric figures.

What is one dimensional figure?

A line or a line segment is called one dimensional (1-D) figure.

Types of lines

There are two types of lines.

(i) Straight line              

(ii) Curved line

Straight Line: If a line shows only one direction, then it is a straight line. It may be vertical, horizontal or slant.

Vertical Horizontal or Slant

Tom can hear Rita very well over the paper cup telephone. The string between them is held tight and straight

Paper Cup Telephone Straight Line

Straight lines can be standing lines, sleeping lines or slanting lines. Join the dots to make straight lines.

Standing Lines
Sleeping Lines
Slanting Lines

Standing Lines

Sleeping Lines

Slanting lines

Designs formed by straight lines

Closed shapes formed by straight lines

Join the dots to create your own designs and shapes.

Aaron cannot hear David at all. The string between them is held by loosely in a curve.

Paper Cup Telephone Curved Line
Closed Shapes Formed by Curved Lines
Curved Lines with Open Ends

Curved lines with open ends

Closed shapes formed by curved lines

Curved line:

It changes its direction.

Curved Line

If you hold the two edges of the string in your hands loosely, it will look like as shown below in the picture.

Curved Line Example

This is an example of a curved line.

Straight Line Example

Straight Line

Curved Line Example

Curved Line

To draw a curved line take a piece of paper. Place a bangle on the paper and draw a line as shown in the picture below. You get a curved line.

Draw a Curve Line

Points, lines and line segment are the fundamental concepts in geometry.

1. Join the number and letter pairs with straight lines and see if you get a curve somewhere.

Join the Number and Letter Pairs

If you got that right, you should have a design that looks like this:

Straight Lines to Curve

2. Join the dots using a curved line.

Join the Dots using a Curved Line

3. Trace over the dotted lines according to the following colour code.

Trace Over the Dotted Lines

Slanting lines: Blue

Standing lines: Yellow

Sleeping lines: Red

Curved lines: Green

● Geometry

2nd Grade Math Practice

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