Measurement of Length

We can measure objects by comparing them with other objects like clips, ribbons, pencils or using our body parts for example handspan, foot, cubit and stride. These are non-standard units of length.

Non-standard Units of Length

The length of the pencil is about 8 paper clips.

Length of the Pencil

The length of the pencil box is about 9 clips.

Length of the Pencil Box

Questions and Answers on Measurement of Length:

1. Which part of your body will you use to measure the following objects?

(i) Book

(ii) Table

(iii) Classroom


2. Look at the picture and fill in the blanks:

Length of the Blackboard

(i) The length of the blackboard is about ………… handspans.

Length of the Mattresses

(ii) The length of matrasses is about …………footspan.

Length of the Book

Measurement of Length

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