Tangrams Math

Tangram is a traditional Chinese geometrical puzzle with 7 pieces (1 parallelogram, 1 square and 5 triangles) that can be arranged to match any particular design.


In the given figure, it consists of one parallelogram (6) one square (4) and five triangles (1. 2, 3,5 and 7)

Let us use a cardboard to make our own tangram. Take a cardboard and make squares whose each side measures 16 cm.

Now draw lines as shown below. With the help of elders, cut the lines and get your own tangram set. To make more shapes, you can cut atleast 5 sets of these pieces.

Tangram Set

A house can be made as shown in the figure. We can make different figures by using tangram pieces.

Tangrams - House
Tangrams - Rabbit
Tangrams - Bird
Tangrams - Cat

Now, using these pieces make the following figures and color them.

Color the Tangram Figures

Tangrams Math

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