Angle Angle Side Congruence

Conditions for the AAS – Angle Angle Side congruence

Two triangles are said to be congruent if two angles and non- included side of the one triangle is equal to the two angles and the non- included side of the other.

Experiment to prove Congruence with AAS:

Draw a ∆LMN with M = 4, N = 70°, LN = 3 cm.

Also, draw another ∆XYZ with Y = 40°, Z = 70°, XZ = 3cm.

Angle Angle Side Congruence

We see that M = Y, N = Z and LN = XZ

Make a trace copy of ∆XYZ and try to make it cover LMN with X on L, Y on M and Z on N. Two triangles cover each other exactly.

Therefore ∆LMN ∆XYZ


Angle Angle Side (AAS) and Angle Side Angle (ASA) are more or less the same congruence condition.

Worked-out problems on angle angle side congruence triangles (AAS postulate):

1. OB is the bisector of AOC, PM ┴ OA and PN ┴ OC. Show that ∆MPO ∆NPO.

Angle Angle Side Congruence Triangles


In ∆MPO and ∆NPO

PM ┴ OM and PN ┴ ON

Therefore PMO = PNO = 90°

Also, OB is the bisector of AOC

Therefore MOP = NOP

OP = OP common

Therefore, ∆MPO ∆NPO by AAS congruence condition

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