Worksheet on Circle

Worksheet on circle covers different types of questions on circle math in 4th grade.

1. Draw circles of different sizes using different circular things, i.e., coin, lid of a bottle, glass, etc.

2. Draw circles of different radii with the help of compass.

3. Draw a circle and show in it the centre, circumference and chord.

4. What is the relation between the diameter and radius of a circle?

5. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The diameter of a circle passes through the ……………… of a circle.

(ii) Radius = ………./2.

(iii) Diameter is the ………………. chord of a circle.

(iv) Centre is a fixed point ……………… the circle.

6. (i) A circle has a diameter of 14 cm. Find the length of its radius.

(ii) A circle has a radius of 5 cm. Find the length of its diameter.

7. Tick the correct option:

(i) A triangle has two/three sides.

(ii) A quadrilateral has three/four angles.

(iii) A polygon is a closed/open figure.

(iv) A circle is/is not a polygon.

(v) The diameter is the longest/shortest chord of a circle.

9. Draw a circle and show in it the radius and diameter.

10. What is the diameter of a circle?

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