Perimeter of a Figure

Perimeter of a figure is explained here.

Perimeter is the total length of the boundary of a closed figure.

The perimeter of a simple closed figure is the sum of the measures of line-segments which have surrounded the figure.

Perimeter of a Figure

Perimeter of ∆ABC = length (AB + BC + CA)

Perimeter of the quadrilateral DEKN = length (DE + EK + KN + ND)

Perimeter of the hexagon PQRSTU = length (PQ + QR + RS + ST + TU + UP)

The perimeter of a circle is the measure of its circumference. The perimeter of the circle of center O is its circumference.

Perimeter of a Figure

Ken walks around a playground in his daily morning walk. How far does he walk every morning? The playground is of the shape of a quadrilateral having sides of length 112 m, 85 m, 69 m and 102 m.


Perimeter of a Figure

Perimeter of the playground

                   = 112 m + 85 m + 69 m + 102 m

                   = 368m

Ken walks 368 m around the playground, i.e. around the perimeter, every morning.

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