Worksheet on Symmetrical Shapes

Worksheet on symmetrical shapes we will solve different types of questions. Fourth grade students can practice this geometry worksheet on symmetrical shapes to get the basic ideas on symmetrical shapes.

1. Is this shape symmetrical.

2. Draw and write the number of line of symmetry.

3. Is this shape symmetrical.

4. Draw and write the number of line of symmetry.

5. Is this shape symmetrical.

6. Is this shape symmetrical.

7. Draw and write the number of line of symmetry.

8. Is this shape symmetrical.

9. Draw and write the number of line of symmetry.

10. Is this shape symmetrical.

11. Give atleast one alphabet which have:

(i) horizontal lines of symmetry

(ii) vertical lines of symmetry

(iii) both horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry

(iv) have no line of symmetry

12. Ken, Neil, Brad and David are friends. One day it was raining and they could not go out and play. So they decided to make a top.

They took a piece of cardboard and traced a circle on it. Then they made a hole and put a stick/matchstick in it. Observe their spin tops and answer the questions.

Spin Tops

(i) Whose top will spin a little?

(ii) Whose top will not spin at all?

(iii) Whose top will spin the best?


(i) David

(ii) Ken and Neil

(iii) Brad

13. Fill in the correct answer in the given box.

Triangles and Line Segments

(i) How many triangles are there in the figure 1?

(ii) Count the number of line segments in the figure 2.


(i) 18

(ii) 32

14. Complete the given figures along the line of symmetry.

Line of Symmetry

In geometry practice sheets while solving the question on symmetrical shapes, if you have any doubts you can fill-up the below comment box.

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