Worksheet on Significant Figures

In math worksheet on significant figures or significant digits, students need to follow the rules while rounding off the number. Practicing rounding off is very useful because it enables us to simplify complex calculations.

1. Find the number of significant figure in each of the following:

  (a) 7.3 

  (b) 162.5 m 

  (c) 306 g 

  (d) 3.57 m

  (e) 7.005 kg 

  (f) 0.045 km 

  (g) 0.00234 l

  (h) 82.030 mg

  (i) 20.020200 g

  (j) 30.00 km 

  (k) 2.500 ml 

  (l) 60.001

2. Round off each of the following correct up to 3 significant figures: 

  (a) 56.4517 g 

  (b) 5.20763 kg 

  (c) 33.311 km 

  (d) 50.001 cm

  (e) 0.0012485 m

  (f) 0.0013020 l

3. Round off: 

  (a) 15.256 g correct to the three significant figures. 

  (b) 0.00838 mg correct to the two significant figures. 

  (c) 0.004509 g correct to the one significant figures. 

  (d) 29.404 mm correct to the four significant figures. 

  (e) 22.311 km correct to the four significant figures. 

  (f) 3.0921 kg correct to the two significant figures. 

  (g) 0.003519 mm correct to the one significant figures. 

4. Round off: 

  (a) $ 3067.665 to the nearest cents. 

  (b) 0.00499 m to the nearest cm. 

  (c) 17.0444 kg to the nearest g. 

  (d) $ 59.52 to the nearest dollar. 

Answers for worksheet on significant figures are given below to check the exact answers of the questions on significant digit. 


1. (a) 2  

(b) 4  

(c) 3  

(d) 3  

(e) 4  

(f) 2 

(g) 3  

(h) 5  

(i) 8  

(j) 4  

(k) 4  

(l) 5

2. (a) 56.5 g

(b) 5.21 kg

(c) 33.3 km

(d) 50.0 cm 

(e) 0.00125 m 

(f) 0.00130 l

3. (a) 15.3 g 

(b) 0.0084 mg 

(c) 0.005 g 


(e) 22.31 km

(f) 3.1 kg

(g) 0.004 mm 

4. (a) $ 3067.67 

(b) 0.00 m 

(c) 17.044 kg 

(d) $ 60

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Worksheet on Significant Figures

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