Worksheet on Pie Graph

In the worksheet on pie graph the information are given in the questions to draw the circular graph after the calculation.

1. The following table shows the mode of transport used by 400 students of a school. Represent the following information on the pie chart. (Show the steps of construction of pie graph for the given data along with the calculation)

Mode of Transport Bus Bicycle On foot By car
No. of Students 200 100 80 20

2. The percentage of expenditure of a company under different heads is as follows.

Heads of Expenditure Salary Electricity Conveyance Machines
Percentage 45 % 20 % 10 % 25 %

Represent this information on a pie graph. (Show the steps of construction of pie graph for the given data along with the calculation)

3. The percentage of lottery tickets sold by an agent of different states is given below. Draw a pie chart. (Show the steps of construction of pie chart for the given data along with the calculation)

States Delhi M.P. Assam Rajasthan Punjab
% of Tickets Sold 40 20 5 1025

Answers for the worksheet on pie graph are drawn below after calculating the central angles for the various observations, to represent these angles within a circle to obtain the required pie chart.



Worksheet on Pie Graph


Circular Graph


Circular Graph Iage

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