Word Problems on Subtraction of Money

Let us consider some of the word problems on subtraction of money. We have solved the problems in both the methods i.e., with conversion into paise and without conversion into paise.

Worked-out examples on subtraction of money:

1. Subtract Rs. 73.08 from Rs. 114.75


Method 1 (with conversion into paise):

Rs. 73.08 = 7300 paise + 08 paise = 7308 paise

Rs. 114.75 = 11400 paise + 75 paise = 11475 paise

                        11475 Paise

                     -   7308 Paise
                         4167 Paise

Therefore, difference of Rs. 73.08 from Rs. 114.75 = 4167 Paise = Rs. 41.67  

Method 2 (without conversion into paise):

                                Rs.            P

                              114.          75

                         -     73.           08
                                41.          67

(i) Rs. and Paise are arranged in columns with decimal point between them.

(ii) Smaller amount is placed under the larger amount.

(iii) Subtraction is made as ordinary subtraction.

(iv) 75 paise - 08 paise = 67 paise

(v) Rs. 114 - Rs. 73 = Rs. 41

Therefore, difference of Rs. 114.75 - Rs. 73.08 = Rs. 41.67

2. Ron has Rs 100 with him. He spent Rs 79 in purchasing a water bottle. How much money is left with him?


Total amount of money Ron had                 Rs 100.00

Amount of money he spent                       - Rs  79.00

Amount of money is left with him                Rs  21.00

3. Mary had Rs 575 in her piggy bank. She took out Rs. 320 from it. How much money is left in her piggy bank?


Total amount of money in the piggy bank                     Rs 575.00

Amount of money taken out                                      - Rs 320.00

Amount of money left in the piggy bank                        Rs 255.00

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