Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction of 4-Digit Numbers

We will solve here some of the word problems on addition and subtraction of 4-digit numbers. We will apply the same method while adding and subtracting the word problems.

1. In a village, there are 2520 males and 1840 females. What is the population of the village?


Number of males in the village = 2520

Number of females in the village = 1840

Therefore, total number of population of the village = 2520 + 1840

                                                                           = 4360

2. In a library, there are 3210 books on Science, 1028 books on Maths and 565 books on English literature. How many books are there in the library?


Number of books on Science = 3210

Number of books on Maths = 1028

Number of books on English literature = 565

Therefore, total number of books in the library = 3210 + 1028 + 565

                                                                    = 4803

3. There are 5650 wheat bags in a godown. 2320 bags are taken out for distribution. How many are left?

Total number of wheat bags in a godown = 5650

Number of wheat bags taken out for distribution = 2320

Number of wheat bags are left = 5650 - 2320

                                             = 3330

4. In a school, there are 4000 children. If 1268 are girls, how many are boys?

Total number of children in a school = 4000

Number of children are girls = 1268

Number of children are boys = 4000 - 1268

                                          = 2732

5. In test cricket, Raghav scored 2468 runs in first four years, 4552 runs in the next four years and 2675 runs in the other four years. How many runs did Ron score altogether?

Solution:                                                            Th     H     T      O

                                                                            1      1      1

Runs scored in first four years.                               2     4     6      8

Runs scored in the next four years                   +    4      5     5     2 

Runs scored in the other four years.                 +    2      6     7     5   

Total runs scored                                                  9       6     9     5   

Thus, Ron scored 9695 runs altogether.

Questions and Answers on Addition and Subtraction of 4-Digits Numbers:

1. There are 4357 men, 3256 women and 1573 children in a village. What is the population of the village?

Answer: 9186

2. The population of a village is 4875. The number of males in this village are 2632. What are the number of females in the village.

Answer: 2243

3. There are 2345 cows, 2468 buffaloes and 5206 goats in a dairy. How many cattle are there in the dairy?

Answer: 10019

4. The price of a DVD player is $4875 and price of a music system is $2423. Which costs more and by how much?

Answer: 2452

5. A fruit seller has 3407 apples, 3893 mangoes and 2284 guavas in his shop. How many fruits does he have in his shop?

Answer: 9584

6. A fruit seller had 5645 mangoes. If 2330 mangoes were sold, How many mangoes were left with him?

Answer: 3315

7. In an election, Ray got 2760 votes, Ken got 3367 votes and Jen got 2146 votes, 23 votes were declared invalid. How many votes were polled in all?

Answer: 8250

8. There are 3867 students in a school. If 1250 are boys. Then, how many are girls.

Answer: 2617

9. A bulb factory produced 2735, 3259 and 1223 bulbs in three days consequently. Find the total number of bulbs produced in these days?

Answer: 7217

10. There were 4425 bottles of cold drink in a godown. If 3312 bottles were sold out. How many bottles were left in the godown?

Answer: 1113

11. On Kate’s admission in the school, his father spent $2758 as fees, $1367 on books and $975 on school uniform. How much did he spend in all?

Answer: 5100

12. Amy needs $9745 to buy a gold chain. She has $4321 with her. How much does she need more?

Answer: 5424

13. The total number of students in primary, middle and senior classes of a school are 5028, 2397 and 1845 respectively. What is the total strength of the school?

Answer: 9270

14. In an Express, the total reserved berths are 825 in sleeper class, 195 in AC 3-tier, 96 in AC 2-tier and 22 in AC 1st class. Find the total reserved berths in this train.

Answer: 1138

15. In a men’s shop, there are 2576 trousers, 3489 shirts, 2876 t-shirts and 938 jeans. How many clothes are there in the shop?

Answer: 9879

16. The sale of an electronic store in January was – 1483 refrigerators, 1576 washing machines and 3457 mixers, 2846 toasters. Find the total sale of appliances.

Answer: 9362

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