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A numerous collection of math puzzles and brain teasers are designed in our website to increase our mental ability. Math magic tricks are needed to solve 10 questions on math puzzles.

1. In the case of how many digits in the number 2138574, their positions in the number and the positions when the digits of the number are arranged in the ascending order are identical?

(a) Nil

(b) Four

(c) Three

(d) Two

2. ‘BELOW’ is related to ‘OBWEL’ in a certain way. Which of the following pairs has the same relationship?





3. If ‘WING’ is written as ‘*£?=’ and ‘THEN’ as ‘@$©?’, then how will ‘NITE’ be written?

(a) ?*@©

(b) ?£@©

(c) ?£$©

(d) ?£@$

4. We know that,

P is the sister of Q;

R is the brother of S;

Q is the mother of R and,

T is the father of S

How is P related to S?


(b) Maternal Aunt

(c) Niece

(d) Cannot be decided

5. If R is to the West of P, Q is to the East of R, S is to the south of Q.

In what direction is S with respect of P?

(a) North

(b) South - East

(c) South

(d) Cannot be determined

6. The letter group is codified by the number codes:

Find out the serial number of the combination, which represents the letter group; YAQBHZR.

(a) 2148035

(b) 2140835

(c) 2180435

(d) 2184035

7. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which one does not belong to the group?

(a) 12

(b) 21

(c) 51

(d) 72

8. If A is substituted by 2, B by 3, C by 4, D by 2, E by 3, F by 4 and so on, then what will be total of the numerical values of the letters of the word LINE?

(a) 13

(b) 12

(c) 16

(d) 15

9. If PASSPORT is written as RCUURQTV, then how will BOOKLET be coded?





10. If GHOST is coded as HOSTE, then HORSE will be coded as:





Free printable math puzzles are available for everyone and even parents and teachers can encourage and suggest the child to practice logical math puzzles for increasing the joy of thinking.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

You can check your own IQ by solving different types of questions in math puzzles.

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