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Introduction of locus – math:

The concept of locus – math is very important in analytical geometry.

The definitions of plane curve like circle, parabola, ellipse etc. are based on the concept of locus.

Suppose X and Y are two fixed point in two dimensional co-ordinate plane. If a point M moves on this plane in such a manner that its distance from the points X and Y are always equal, then the point M will trace out a definite path on the plane.

Again, if the point M moves path on the plane in such a manner that MX² + MY² = 36, then the moving point M will trace out another definite path on the plane.

Thus, a moving point M trace out a definite path on the given plane if it satisfies some specified geometrical conditions. Such a path trace out by a moving point M on a plane is called its locus.

In the below links of locus - math we will learn about the method of obtaining equation to the locus of a moving point. 


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