Worksheet on Word Problems on Measurement 

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on measurement. 

1. Rachel has a rope of length 40 m. She gave 12 m 53 cm to Sam, 18 m 35 cm to Ron and 9 m 7 cm to Jack. What length of rope is still left with Rachel?

2. John has a jar filled with juice. After he poured 350 ml of juice in each 8 glasses he was still left with 200 ml juice in the jar. What was the capacity of jar in liters?

3. A worker transferred 50 bags of rice weighing 38 kg 500 g each into a truck. The weight of empty truck is 1480 kg. What will be the weight of the truck with the bags?

4. Jane has 63 m of ribbon. If she cuts 56 m 21 cm ribbon from it, what length of ribbon will be left?

5. Victor wants to make a book tower of height 48 cm. If the thickness of each book is 12 mm, how many books will he need to make the desired height?

6. Adrian has to take 2 spoons of multivitamin syrup each day. If the capacity of the spoon is 15 ml, what quantity of syrup will be taken by him in a week?

7. Neil has a bag of pulses which weighs 25 kg. While putting them in the shelf, he tore the bag and hence 1850 g of pulses fell on the floor. What quantity of pulses is still there in the bag?

8. A box of frozen vegetables weighing 144 kg 780 g was delivered at a grocery shop. If there were 15 packets of equal weight inside the box, what was the weight of each bag?


1. 0.05 m

2. 3 liters

3. 3405 kg

4. 6.79 m

5. 40 books

6. 210 ml

Worksheet on Word Problems on Measurement

7. 23.15 kg

8. 9.652 kg

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