Worksheet on Word Problems on Expressing Numbers

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on expressing numbers. The word problems are based on expressing Indian and International numbering systems.

1. Ron had 2 million in his bank account. He deposited 8 lakh more in his account. What is his bank balance now in the Indian system?

2. Sam had 16 million. He invested 18 lakh in his cloth business. How much money is left with him in the Indian system?

3. David has 5 million 21 thousand in his bank account. What amount does he have in his account in the Indian system?

4. Mike had 30crore in his account. He withdrew 20 million from his account. What money is left in his account in the international system?

5. Jack had 2 crore 25 lakh. He invested 95 lakh in his business and gave 8 million to his younger brother. How many lakhs are left with him?

6. Jenny has 2 crore and Shelly has 21 million in their bank accounts. Who has more money and by how much in the bank account?

7. Brad was asked to write 230,420,775 in the Indian system. He wrote 2,30,420,775. Had he expressed the number correctly? If not, write the correct one.

8. Mr. Jones needs 24,36,32,520 for a project. He already has 43,632,520 in his account. How much more money does he need?

9. The amount of 2 crore 60 lakh was to be collected for a relief fund. The first collection made was 96,42,500 and the second one was 9,983,500. How much is yet to be collected?

10. Shane had 6 million. He purchased a plot for 12 lakh and a car for 8 lakh. How much is left with him?

11. Kate had 30 lakh. She spent 3 million. How much is left with her?

12. The annual income of a company is 8 crore. They spend 2 million. What is the annual profit of the company?

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on expressing numbers are given below to check the exact answers of the above problems on expressing Indian and International systems.


1. 28,00,000  

2. 1,42,00,000  

3. 50,21,000  

4. 280,000,000  

5. 50,00,000 

6. Shelly 10,00,000

7. No, 23,04,20,775 

8. 20,00,00,000 

9. 63,74,000

10. 4,000,000 

11. No amount is left 

12. 7,80,00,000

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