Worksheet on Word Problems on Division by 2-Digit Number

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on division by 2-digit number.

Solve the following word problems:

(i) Victor purchased 180 pencils and put 15 pencils in one packet. How many packets will be needed for all the pencils?

(ii) 42 flags are distributed among 16 children. How many flags did each child get? How many flags were left over?

(iii) There are 315 flowers. 7 flowers are to be arranged in one vase. Find the total number of vases needed to arrange 315 flowers.

(iv) Mr Aaron’s car has done 95 km in 5 days. How many kilometres is that in one day?

(v) 999 people are attending a seminar in the hall on personality development. The capacity of one hall is 333. In how many halls is the seminar conducted?

(vi) 1125 children of a school went on a picnic. They were taken by buses, each of which could accommodate 75 children. Find the number of buses which went for the picnic.

(vii) Rachel has 432 coins in her collection. If she gives 13 coins to each of her friends, how many friends will get the coins and how many coins will be left with Rachel?

(viii) The price of 5 storybooks is $ 120. Find the cost of 2 storybooks.

(ix) One packet contains 6 chocolates. How many packets will contain 84 chocolates? How many chocolates are there in 2 packets?

(x) There are 1400 marbles. If there are 70 boxes, how many marbles can be kept in each box. Also find the number of marbles that can be kept in 3 boxes.

(xi) 12 bats cost $ 1980. Find the cost of 4 bats.

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on division by 2-digit number are given below.


(i) 12 packets

(ii) 2, 10 flags left over

(iii) 45 vases

(iv) 19 km

(v) 3

(vi) 15 buses

(vii) 33 friends, 3 coins left

(viii) $ 48

(ix) 14 packets, 12 chocolates

(x) 20 marbles in each box, 60 marbles in 3 boxes

(xi) $ 660

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