Worksheet on Word Problems on 5-Digit Numbers

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on word problems on 5-digit numbers. Here we need to read the problem carefully and then apply the same method while adding or subtracting the word problems.

Solve the following word problems:

1. Mike purchased a vehicle for Rs 59425 and spent Rs 8652 on repairs. How much did the vehicle cost him?

2. 82317 people watched the semi-final of the world cup football match, but 31896 more people watched the finals. Find the number of people who watched the finals.

3. Two brothers bought a new television set and gave their old television in exchange. Their old television values Rs 7850. They had to pay the dealer Rs 29375. What was the cost of the new television set?

4. There are 45678 males, 32257 females and 59179 children in a town. Find the total population of the town.

5. Aaron withdrew Rs 38273 from the saving bank account. He again withdrew Rs 12859. He found the balance of Rs 26532 in his account. What amount did Aaron have initially?

6. In a particular year, the production of bulbs in a factory was 68234. It exceeded by 12695 more bulbs in the next year. Find the total production of bulbs in the next year.

7. In a footwear factory, 12417, 13562 and 21000 footwear were manufactured in three consecutive days. Find the total number of footwear manufactured in theses three days.

8. In an election, out of 75298 voters only 50176 casted their votes. How many did not cast their vote?

9. If John spends Rs 18946 to buy a fridge out of Rs 37830. How much money is still left with John?

10. It was found that out of 4875 students in a school; 1987 students are extremely brilliant and rest are average. Find the number of average students in the school.

11. The distance between two stations is 2185 km. A man travel 1084 km by train and rest of the journey by bus. What distance does the man cover by bus?

12. There are Rs 15785 in Jenny’s account. She leaves Rs 4898in her account and withdraws the rest. What amount did she withdraw?

13. A factory manufactured 67698 bulbs in a year. It manufactured 12352 bulbs less last year. Find the number of bulbs manufactured last year.

14. Jack had Rs 92987. He gave Rs 29999 to his son and the rest to his wife. What amount did he give his wife?

15. The capacity of a tank is 8000 litres. Out of this, consumption of water is 6957 liters. How much water is left in the tank unconsumed?

Answers for the worksheet on word problems on 5-digit numbers are given below.


1. Rs 68077

2. 114213

3. 37225

4. 137114

5. Rs 77664

6. 80929 bulbs

7. 46979

8. 25122

9. Rs 18884

10. 2888

11. 1101 km

12. Rs 10887

13. 55346 bulbs

14. Rs 62988

15. 1043 liters 

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