Worksheet on Word Problem on Addition and Subtraction

Practice the worksheet on word problem on addition and subtraction.

1. In a village, there are 4,318 men, 3,624 women and 5,176 children. What is the total population of the village?

2. In a school, there are 860 children in the pre-primary section, 1,200 children in the primary section and 1,540 children in the upper primary section. What is the total strength of the school?

3. A new movie at a theatre was released. On the first day 5,602 tickets, on the second day 5,890 tickets and on the third day 6,145 tickets were sold. Find the total number of tickets sold in these three days.

4. In a fruit gardens, there are 5,146 mango trees, 4,318 orange trees and 3,645 guava trees. Find the total number of trees in the graden.

5. In a godown, there are 1,274 bags of rice, 1,322 bags of wheat and 722 bags of pulses. How many bags of food grains in all are stored in the godown?

6. A factory produces 22816 buttons in the first half of a month and 30324 buttons in the second half of a month. Find the total number of buttons produced in a month.

7. Shelly has read 1270 pages in a story book. She still has to read 48 more pages. How many pages are there in the story book?

8. Mr. Daniel gave $800 to his friend. He had $ 21050 with him. How much money he left with him now?

9. There are 632 books on Science, 1100 books on History, 1480 books on Maths and 320 books on Literature in a library.

(i) Find the total number of books in the library.

(ii) Which books are greater in number?

(iii) Which books are least in number?

(iv) Find the difference between greatest number of books and smallest number of books.

10. On the first day of a cricket match, 12498 people came and on the second day 15065 people came. How many people were more on the second day?

11. Alex has a collection of 9354 stamps. From these 5329 stamps are from India and the rest are from the other countries. Find the stamp collection from other countries.

12. A poultry farm produced 3864 eggs in first month, 3674 eggs in the second month and 3963 eggs in the third month.

(i) Find the total number of eggs produced in the 3 months.

(ii) How much less eggs were produced in the second month as compared to third month.

13. A caterer gave 2380 sweets at one function and 3460 at another function. How many sweets are left with him if he had 8000 in all?

14. Mr. Jones sells onions and potatoes. He sold 3121 kg of potatoes and onions in the first week and 3621 in the second week. If he ordered 8050 kg of potatoes and onions, how much onions and potatoes are remaining?

15. Shelly has $48324 in her bank account. She withdraws $28000 first time and $6500 second time. How much money is left in her account now?

16. A godown has 17894 bags of rice and 14509 bags of wheat.

(i) Find the number of rice bags if 4369 bags are given to the grocery shops.

(ii) Find the number of wheat bags if 6008 bags are given to super market.


1. 13118

2. 3600 children

3. 17637 tickets

4. 13109 trees

5. 3368 bags

6. 53140 buttons

7. 1318 pages

8. $20250

9. (i) 3532 books

(ii) Maths

(iii) Literature

(iv) 1160

10. 2567 people

11. 4025 stamps

12. (i) 11501 eggs

(ii) 289 eggs

13. 2160 sweets

14. 1308

15. 13824

16. (i) 13525

(ii) 8501

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