Worksheet on Third Grade Mixed Problems of Addition and Subtraction

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on third grade mixed problems of addition and subtraction. These worksheets provide basic questions involving mixed word problems to find their sum and difference.

1. Nairitee collected 28 beads. She made 2 garlands of 10 beads. How many single beads are left with her?

2. There are 50 children in a playground. 20 children are playing cricket and 10 children are playing football. How many children are not playing?

3. The total population of a town is 9659. If the adult males and females are 3562 and 3258 respectively, find the number of children in the town.

4. Sam purchased an old car for $6768. He spent $1212 for its repair and maintenance. Then, Sam sold it for $8989. How much did he gain?

5. At a polling-booth 1535 males and 1738 females cast their votes. Out of these 575 votes were cancelled. What was the number of valid votes?

6. Aaron has a pet cow which gives 10 liters of milk. He purchased 6 liters of milk. From the total amount of milk, he sold 12 liters of milk and uses the rest. How much liters of milk did he use?

7. There were 1875 passengers travelling in a train. Out of these 325 passengers got down and 826 passengers got in, at a station. How many passengers are in the train now?

8. A farmer had 1245 kg of wheat. He sold 425 kg and gave 275 kg of wheat to his brother. Now how many kg of wheat does he have?

9. I have $ 3570. Ron has $2565 and Mike has $1590. How much more do I have than Ron and Mike separately?

10. There are 63 students in Class I, 56 students in Class II and 67 students in Class III. Find the total number of students in Class I, II and III. How many students were less in Class II than Class III?

11. A fruit-seller purchased fruits for $3578. He sold the fruits for $1228 on the first day and for $1527 on the second day. What is the value of the fruits that are left with the fruit-seller now?

12. There are 1485 travelers in a train. Out of these there are 758 female travelers. How many male travelers are there in the train?

13. A small city has 1685 men and 1925 women. How many children are there in the city?

14. There are 8999 books in a library. If 3128 books are on mathematics, 4683 books on science and the rest on English. How many English books are there?

15. The difference between two numbers is 103 and the smaller number is 395. Find the greater number.

16. Subtract the sum of 2504 and 4836 from the greatest number of 4 digits.

17. Subtract 8888 from the sum of 3407, 4468 and 1415.

18. On a day 15000 people were expected to watch a cricket match but only 12850 persons came. How many persons did not come?

Answers for the worksheet on third grade mixed problems of addition and subtraction are given below to check the exact answers of the above word problems.


1. 8 beads

2. 20 children

3. 2839 children

4. $1009

5. 2698 valid votes

6. 4 liters of milk

7. 2376 passengers

8. 545 kg

9. $1005, $1980

10. students in Class I, II and III = 186 11 students

11. $823

12. 727 males

13. 3610 children

14. 1188 English books

15. 498

16. 2659

17. 402

18. 2150

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