Worksheet on Subtraction of Whole Numbers

Practice the set of questions given in the worksheet on subtraction of whole numbers. The questions are based on subtracting numbers by arranging the numbers in columns and check the answer, subtraction one large number by another large number and find the missing digits in subtraction.

I. Subtract each of the following by arranging them in columns and check your answer.

(i) 3248999 – 2136290

(ii) 356670247 – 236569256

(iii) 3390005 – 2118335

(iv) 890000001 – 880101000

(v) 16705889 – 11006750

(vi) 155000900 - 61590326

II. Subtract the following:

(i) 550237 from 601774

(ii) 76893603 from 80779999

(iii) 21772556 from 23885700

(iv) 1000000 from 6000100

(v) 1255309 from 3000000

(vi) 99000 from 1510200

III. Find the missing digit in the following sums:

Find the Missing Digit in Subtraction

Answers for the Worksheet on Subtraction of Whole Numbers are given below to check the exact answers of the questions. 


I. (i) 1112709

(ii) 120100991

(iii) 1271670

(iv) 9899001

(v) 5699139

(vi) 93410574

II. (i) 51537

(ii) 3886396

(iii) 2113144

(iv) 5000100

(v) 1744691

(vi) 1411200


Find the Missing Digit in Subtraction Answer
Missing Digit in Subtraction

The above questions and answers on subtraction of whole numbers will help you further to solve similar types of problems.  

5th Grade Math Problems

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