Worksheet on Solving a Word Problem by using Linear Equation in One Unknown

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on solving a word problem by using linear equation in one unknown.

1. Sum of two consecutive multiples of five is 85. Find the numbers.

2. Two numbers are in ratio 2:5. Their sum is 49. Find the two numbers.

3. A number when added to its half gives 36. Find the number.

4. A number when multiplied by 4 exceeds itself by 45. Find the number.

5. A number is 2/3 the number other number. if their sum is 90. Find the numbers.

6. The length of a rectangular plot exceeds its breadth by 5 metres. If perimeter of the plot is 142. Find the dimensions of the plot.

7. A number has two digits whose sum is 9. If 27 is added to the number, the digits get interchanged. Find the number.

8. A dealer earned a profit of 10% by selling a radio for 880. Find the cost price of the radio.

9. Ina class of 51 students, the number of girls is half the number of boys. Find the number of boys and girls.

10. Divide 184 into two parts such that one- third of one part may exceed one seventh of the other part by 8.

11. The length of a rectangular field is thrice its breadth. If perimeter of the field is 200. Calculate the dimensions of the field.

12. Sumit has some 50 paise coins, some 1 Re coins and some 2 Rs coins in his bag. If the ratio of the coins in his bag is 2:3:4 and the total amount in his bag is Rs48. Calculate the number of each type of coins in Sumit’s bag.

13. Ramesh left one- third of his property to his son, one fourth to his daughter and the remainder to his wife. If his wife’s share is Rs18,000. What was the worth of his total property?

14. In an examination 40% of marks is required to get pass. If Suman scores 200 and fails by 25 marks, find the maximum marks of the examination.

15. A man travelled 3/5 of his journey by train, 1/4 by a taxi, 1/8 by bus and remaining 8 km on foot. Calculate the length of his total journey.

16. The cost of 2 tables and 2 chairs is Rs800. If cost of one table is Rs20 more than the cost of a chair, calculate the price of each.

Answers for the worksheet on solving a word problem by using linear equation in one unknown are given below.


1. 1st number = 40

    2nd number = 45

2. 1st number = 14

    2nd number = 35

3. Required numbers = 12 and 24

4. Required number = 15

5. Required numbers = 54 and 36

6. Length = 38 m

    Breadth = 33 m

7. Number = 36

8. Cost price =Rs800

9. Boys =34

    Girls = 17

10. 1st part = 72

     2nd part = 112

11. Breadth = 25 m

     Length = 75 m

12.  50p = 8

     1 Re = 12

    Rs. 2 = 16

13. Rs. 43,200

14. Maximum marks = 562.5

15. Total distance = 320 m

16. Cost of each chair = Rs. 190

     Cost of each table = Rs. 210

9th Grade Math

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