Worksheet on Pictorial Representation

Worksheet on pictorial representation or pictograph often related to different types of symbols or pictures are used to represent a specific number of objects. The questions on pictographs of different objects are used to give information regarding mathematical data.

1. Read the pictograph given below and answer the questions:

Worksheet on Pictorial Representation

(i) How many oranges are there?

(ii) Which kind of fruits is maximum in number?

(iii) Which kind of fruits is minimum in number?

(iv) What is the total number of fruits?

2. In the given pictograph, different modes of transportation and number of students of a school traveling by those are shown.

See the pictograph and answer the following questions.

One shape of a student represents 10 students.

Pictograph Worksheets

(i) What are the different modes of traveling?

(ii) Which mode carries the maximum number of students?

(iii) How many students come on foot?

(iv) How many students are there in the school in all?

(v) What is the different in the numbers of students coming by bus and car?

3. Here is a pictograph showing the number of different animals in a zoo:

Pictograph Problems

(i) How many animals are there in the zoo?

(ii) How many types of animals are there in the zoo?

(iii) What kinds of animals are maximum in number?

(iv) What type of animals are minimum in number?

(v) What is the difference between the maximum and minimum numbers?

(vi) How many times are wolfs more than bears?

(vii) What part of the number of wolfs are the bears?

(viii) What is the sum of zebras and bears?

(ix) What is the sum of wolfs and tigers?

4. The numbers of books in the school library are shown in the given pictograph. One figure of a book represents 10 books.

Look at the pictograph and answer the following question:

Pictograph Books

(i) How many books are there in the library?

(ii) Find the number of books on each subject.

(iii) Find the difference between the number of French books and English books.

(iv) Name the subject on which least number of books are there in the library.

(v) Write in increasing order, the number of books on different subjects.

Answers for the worksheet on pictorial representation are given below to check the exact answers of the above pictorial data.


1. (i) 5 oranges

(ii) pears are in maximum number

(iii) strawberries

(iv) 32 fruits

2. (i) bus, car, cycle and on foot

(ii) bus, 70 students

(iii) 30 students

(iv) 200 students

(v) 30 students

3. (i) 27

(ii) 5 types

(iii) wolfs are maximum

(iv) bears are minimum

(v) diff = 8

(vi) 10 ÷ 2 = 5 times

(vii) 1/5 part

(viii) 5

(ix) 17

4. (i) 450 books

(ii) French books = 120, math books = 80, science books = 100, social studies books = 90 and English books = 60

(iii) French books are more than English books by 60 books

(iv) English books

(v) English, math, social studies, science, french

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