Worksheet on Measurement of Mass or Weight

In worksheet on measurement of mass or weight, all grade students can practice the questions on units for measuring mass or weight. This exercise sheet on measurements can be practiced by the students to get more ideas to learn to measure the mass or weight of the given line segments according to the questions.

1. What are the main units of mass? What are the relations between these units?

2. Which unit of mass will be convenient if you have to measure the weight of iron-rods for the construction of your house?

3. Decide what you would use: quintalkg or g to measure the weights of the following objects:

(i) three sacks of rice

(ii) a sack of wheat

(iii) a tin full of vegetable oil

(iv) an iron almirah

(v) a spoon

(vi) a small box containing chalk sticks

(vii) a pen

(viii) potatoes

(ix) green vegetables

(x) fruits

4. Weigh the following objects rounding off to the nearest 100 grams:

(i) a packet of salt

(ii) a packet of edible oil

(iii) a water bottle

(iv) a lemon squash bottle

(v) 10 mangoes

(vi) a brick

(vii) 12 match-boxes

(viii) an apple

5. Fill in the gaps:

(i) 1 quintal = _______ kg

(ii) 1 metric ton = _______ kg

(iii) 1 metric ton = _______ quintals = _______ kg

(iv) 1 kg = _______ g

6. What are the main weights used to measure mass in g.?

7. Express in terms of kg and g:

(i) 7548 g

(ii) 15895 g

(iii) 42635 g

8. Express in terms of metric ton and quintal:

(i) 3460 quintal

(ii) 375 quintal

(iii) 435 quintal

9. Express in terms of quintal and kg:

(i) 478 kg

(ii) 1690 kg

(iii) 754 kg

10. Find the sum of:

(i) 27 kg 540 g, 24 k g 350 g, 14 kg 380 g

(ii) 69 kg 625 g and 38 kg 770 g

11. Ruchi weighs 65 kg 16 g and Hannah weighs 40 kg 40 g. How much less is the weight of Hannah than that of Ruchi?

12. There are 50 kg of apples in a box. If 2 kg 500 g of these are rotten, find the weight of the remaining apples.

13. The cost of 1kg of potatoes is $8. What is the cost of 15 kg of potatoes?

14. The cost of 1kg of ghee is $160. What is the cost of 500 g of ghee?

15. The cost of 1kg of butter is $75. What is the cost of 250 g of butter?

16. The cost of 100g of cheese is $20. Find the cost of cheese weighing:

(i) 500 g

(ii) 1 kg

(iii) 50 g

(iv)2 kg

17. If 1 kg of Basmati rice costs $40, find the cost of:

(i) 5 kg of rice

(ii) 500 g of rice

(iii) 100 g of rice

(iv) 15 kg of rice

If students have any queries regarding the questions given in the worksheet on measurement of mass or weight, please fill-up the below comment box so that we can help you.

However, suggestions for further improvement, from all quarters would be greatly appreciated.

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