Worksheet on Constants and Variables

Practice the questions given in the worksheet on constants and variables. The questions are related to constants and variables which are the two basic symbols in algebra.

1. Separate, constants and variables from the following:

5, 6z, -12x, 7/5, 3/4xz, mn, 2p, 0, 3x/4, 7/12k, -pt/2m, 1/2

2. State whether the following statements are true or false:

(i) 12 is a constant and z is a variable but 12z is variable.

(ii) 7 is constant and p is variable but together 7 + p is a variable.

(iii) 13 is constant and m is variable but together 13 - m is a constant.

(iv) 11 is constant and n is variable but together 11  n is a constant.

(v) 0 is a variable.

(vi) Combination of both a constant and a variable is also variable.

(vii) A quantity which takes a fix numerical value is called variable.

(viii) A quantity or symbol which has a no fixed value but it can represent any numerical values is called variable.

(ix) 15x, z/3, 7/m are some of the examples of constants.

(x) x, a + b, c – 2, a  13 are some of the examples of variables.

3. Fill in the blanks:

(i) In -3x, _____ is constant and _____ is variable.

(ii) In 10ab, _____ is constant and _____ are variables.

(iii) In 15mn/k, _____ is constant and _____ are variables.

(iv) In 27a/8b, _____ are constants and _____ are variables.

4. 91y + 5, find the constants.

5. 32m + 9n, find the variables.

Answers for the worksheet on constants and variables are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions.


1. 5, 7/5, 0 and 1/2 are constants.

6z, -12x, 3/4xz, mn, 2p, 3x/4, 7/12k, -pt/2m are variables.

2. (i) True

(ii) True

(iii) False

(iv) False

(v) False

(vi) True

(vii) False

(viii) True

(ix) False

(x) True

3. (i) In -3x, -3 is constant and x is variable.

(ii) In 10ab, 10 is constant and a and b are variables.

(iii) In 15mn/k, 15 is constant and m, n and k are variables.

(iv) In 27a/8b, 27 and 8 are constants and a and b are variables.

4. 91 and 5 are the constants.

5. m and n are the variables.

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