Worksheet on Bills

We will practice the questions given in the worksheet on bills and billing of different items. We know bill is a slip of paper on which a shopkeeper notes down the requirements of a buyer and calculates the total cost of items purchased.

1. Make the bill.

Make the Bill

2. Sam went to the stationery shop. He bought one pen at $ 15, one pencil at $ 2, one eraser at $ 5, one scale at $ 5 and one pencil box at $ 18. Make the bill for Sam.

Make the Money Bill

3. Mr. John bought the following from Venus stores, Madras on 20.10.94:

(i) 2 lamps costing $ 951.25 each

(ii) 1 bike costing $ 1800

(iii) 14 litres of petrol of $ 19.20 per litre.

(iv) 3.5 litres of engine oil at $ 20.80 per litre.

Prepare the bill for the above purchase. Calculate the total amount paid by Mr. John.

4. Sherry bought the following articles from Sari Suhag, Railway Road, Aligerh.

2 Banarasi sarees at the rate of $ 1500.00 per sari.

8 metre of shirting at the rate of $ 30.00 per metre.

1 pair of bed sheets at $ 40.50 per bed sheet.

8 metre of long cloth at $ 20.25 per metre

1 dozen handkerchiefs at $ 3.50 per handkerchief.

Calculate the total amount paid by Suhani.

5. Jack purchased the following items from Answer Book Depo, Shamshad market, Aligarh on 08.05.2015.

4 Registers at the rate of $ 15.50 per register.

3 Erasers at the rate of $ 1.50 per eraser.

10 Note books at the rate of $ 5.50 per note book.

2 Color boxes at the rate of $ 6.00 per box.

(a) Prepare the bill for the above mentioned iteme.

(b) If Jahangir gave $ 150 to the owner of Answer Book Depo then how much balance did he receive back?

6. Find the mistake in the following bill and make it for the correct amount.

Worksheet on Bills

Answers for the worksheet on bills are given below.


1. $ 212.70

2. 45.00

3. $ 4044.10

4. $ 3525.00

5. (a) $ 133.50

(b) $ 16.5

6. The mistake in the bill is at S.No. 3 $ 30.80 and in total in $ 104.80

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