Worksheet on Basic Shapes

Practice the third grade geometry worksheet on basic shapes (solids). The questions provided in the basic geometrical shapes are based on cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone and sphere.

1. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The cube and the cuboid each has _________ plane surfaces, _________ edges, and _________ vertices.

(ii) The cuboid has _________ pairs of identical plane surfaces.

(iii) All the surfaces of a cube are _________ to each other.

(iv) All the edges of a cube are _________.

(v) Opposite edges of a cuboid are _________.

(vi) A _________ has no vertex, and no edge.

2. Complete the following table by filling in the boxes:

Worksheet on basic shapes

3. Define the following:

(i) edge

(ii) vertex

4. Write ‘true’ or ‘false’ for each statement as the case may be:

(i) Every cuboid is a cube.

(ii) Every cube is a cuboid.

(iii) All faces of a cube are similar in shape and size.

(iv) All the faces of a cuboid are identical.

(v) The cube has 6 faces.

(vi) The base and bottom of a cylinder are identical.

(vii) A cone has no vertex.

(viii) A cylinder has two edges.

(ix) A sphere has no edge.

(x) A cone has two surfaces.

Answers for the worksheet on basic shapes are given below to check the exact answers of the above questions on the common solid figures.


1. (i) 6, 12, 8

(ii) 3

(iii) equal line

(iv) straight lines

(v) sphere

(vi) sphere


Basic Shapes Worksheet

4. (i) false

(ii) true

(iii) true

(iv) false

(v) true

(vi) true

(vii) false

(viii) true

(ix) true

(x) true

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