Worksheet on Arithmetic Mean

Practice the word problems on average given in the worksheet on arithmetic mean. Here the questions will help us to find the mean of the given numbers.

1. Find the arithmetic mean of the first ten natural numbers 

2. Find the arithmetic mean of the first eight odd numbers

3. Find the arithmetic mean of the first seven multiples of 5

4. Find the arithmetic mean of all the factors of 20 

5. Find the arithmetic mean of the first ten prime numbers 

6. Find the arithmetic mean of the first eleven even numbers

7. The number of members in 10 families of a society are

2, 4, 3, 4, 2, 2, 3, 5, 1, 4.

Find the mean number of members per family.

8. The following are the number of math books issued in a school library during a week:

222, 120, 201, 322, 167, 273, 406 and 345

Find the average number of math books issued per day.

9. If the arithmetic mean of 7, 9, 11, 13, x, 21 is 13, find the value of x.

10. The daily minimum temperature recorded (in degree F) at a place during a week was as under:

Worksheet on Arithmetic Mean

Find the mean temperature.

11. The mean of 24 numbers is 35. If 3 is added to each number, what will be the new mean?

12. The mean of 20 numbers is 43. If 6 is subtracted from each of the numbers, what will be the new mean?

13. The mean of 15 numbers is 27. If each number is multiplied by 5, what will be the mean of the new numbers?

14. The mean of 15 numbers is 63. If each number is divided by 9, what will be the mean of the new numbers?

15. The percentages of marks obtained by 12 students of a class in mathematics are
36, 64, 47, 43, 50, 39, 81, 93, 72, 35, 53, 41.

Find the mean percentage of marks.

16. The mean of 20 numbers is 18. If 3 is added to each of the first ten numbers, find the mean of the new set of 20 numbers.

17. The mean weight of 8 girls in a group is 35 kg. The individual weights of seven of them are 35 kg, 28 kg, 43 kg, 25 kg, 33 kg, 51 kg and 22 kg. Find the weight of the eighth girls.

18. The mean of the marks scored by 50 students was found to be 39. Later on it was discovered that a score of 75 was misread as 25. Find the correct mean. 

19. The mean of 100 items was found to be 64. Later on it was discovered that two items were misread as 26 and 9 instead of 36 and 90 respectively. Find the correct mean.

20. The mean of six numbers is 23. If one of the numbers is excluded, the mean of the remaining numbers is 20. Find the excluded number. 

Answers for the worksheet on arithmetic mean are given below to check the exact of the above questions on mean (average).


1. 5.5

2. 8

3. 20

4. 7

5. 12.9

6. 12

7. 3

8. 257

9. x = 17

10. 35.4 °F

11. 38

12. 37

13. 135

14. 7

15. 54.5

16. 19.5

17. 43

18. 40

19. 64.91 

20. 38

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