Word Problems on Addition Worksheet

Let us practice the given questions of 2-digit word problems on addition (without carrying or carry if needed). 

1. There were 28 students in one school bus and 35 students in another school bus. How many students were there in the two buses altogether?

2. There were 26 marbles in a bag. A boy puts 38 more marbles in the bag. How many marbles are there in the bag now?

3. Lena's father bought 23 apples, 18 mangoes and 21 bananas. How many fruits did she buy altogether?

4. In a school, Class 2 has three sections. If there are 36 students in section A, 34 students in section B and 23 students in section C,what is the total number of students in Class 2?

5. Sonia had 34 books. She bought 9 more books. How many books does she have altogether?

6. Alisha sold 56 orange candies and 25 mango candies. How many candies did she sell in total?

7. Maria colored 87 pages of the colouring book. Navya coloured 10 more pages. How many pages did they colour in all?

8. Rita read 96 pages of a story book. She had to read 40 more pages to finish the book. How many pages did the book have?

9. Mary and Ron were selling tickets for the school fair. Mary sold 69 tickets and Ron sold 28 tickets. How many tickets did they sell in all?

10. A vegetable vendor sold 34 potatoes and 62 tomatoes and 25 onions. How many vegetables did he sell in all?

2nd Grade Math Practice

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