Using a Scale

We will learn how to measure the length using a scale.

A cloth merchant uses a rod to measure the length of the cloth. This is called a meter rod. A tailor uses a tape to take measurements for stitching a cloth. 

A carpenter or mason uses a metal tape to measure the length.

Metre Rod
Measuring Tape
Metal Tape

Meter Rod


Metal Tape

A ruler is used by students to draw lines and to measure lengths.

Measuring Ruler

Question and Answer on Using a Scale:

1. Match the following:

(i) Metal Tape

1. Student

(ii) Metre Rod

2. Tailor

(iii) Tape Measure

3. Mason

(iv) Ruler

4. Cloth Merchant


1. (i) → 3.

(ii) → 4.

(iii) → 2.

(iv) → 1.

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