Using a Ruler

The ruler given below has 15 cm marked on it. The length of the ruler is 15 cm.

To measure a length of a pencil, place at the ‘0’ of the ruler at the one end of the pencil and note the position of the other end. In the given picture the other end of the pencil is at 12. So, the length of the pencil is 12 cm.

Measuring a Pencil

Questions and Answers on Using a Ruler: 

1. Look at the following pictures and find the length of each objects.


Measuring a Book

Length of the book is ………… cm


Measuring a Toothbrush

Length of the toothbrush is ………… cm


Measuring Eraser

Length of the eraser is ………… cm


Measuring a Brush

Length of the brush is ………… cm

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