Practice Test on Third Grade Math

Practice test on third grade math will help the students to review this sheet before the exam. Engage the third graders to practice various types of questions covered from all the topics in math.

The list of the questions will measure every mathematical skills of the children learned in third grade to test their capability.

1. Name six solid figures.

2. Fill in the gaps:

(i) A cube of Cuboid has ………. Faces, ………. Edges and ………. Vertices.

(ii) A cylinder has ………. faces of which ………. are plane and ………. Curved.

(iii) A cone has ………. curved and ………. plane surface.

(iv) A sphere ………. surface.

3. Write True or False for each statement:

(i) Every cube is a Cuboid.

(ii) A cone has no vertex.

(iii) A sphere has one edge.

(iv) A Cuboid has three identical pairs of faces.

(v) All circles are of the same size.

(vi) All sides of a rectangle are equal.

4. Name each of the figures shown below:

5. What is the relation between radius and diameter of a circle?

6. Make a border design of a Sari using the figures of triangles only.

7. Add the following:

(i) 49 km 225 m + 30 km 815 m

(ii) 15 kg 725 g + 8 kg 230 g

(iii) 57 l 100 ml + 43 l 500 ml

8. Subtract the following:

(i) 128 km 40 m - 35 km 120 m

(ii) 40 kg 500 g - 28 kg 725 g

(iii) 121 l 60 ml - 63 l 100 ml

9. How much more is to be added to the following to make it equal to 1 kg?

(i) 750 g

(ii) 450 g

10. What time will it be:

(i) 4 hours after 10 a.m.

(ii) 4 hours after 10 p.m.

Answers for the practice test on third grade math are given below to help the students to check the exact answers of the above questions.


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